Posada will hold press conference to announce retirement on Tuesday

Jorge Posada came up for a cup of coffee in 1995 and 17 years later he will officially retire.

The Yankees will hold a press conference on Tuesday where Posada will formally announce his retirement from Major League Baseball, according to Mark Hale of the NY Post.

Posada just finished up the final year of a four-year deal and appeared to be left without a spot in the lineup as Jesus Montero was on the doorstep. However, Montero was traded and the Yankees have an opening in the lineup. Despite that Posada is still retiring as he is 40-years-old and didn’t do much beyond hitting righties last season.

There was a possibility that Posada could have latched on to another team for one final year, but the hard nosed veteran has decided to retire as a lifelong Yankee instead.

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2 Responses to Posada will hold press conference to announce retirement on Tuesday

  1. john says:

    Good move. He had a bad year but finished up well in the ALDS.
    Im just glad he wont be DHing for a bad team like the As or Orioles.
    He goes out a Yankee.

  2. Rafael Santori says:

    A Good Yankee player and better Human

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