Quote: A-Rod wants “revolving door” DH

All of the talk lately has been focused on the Yankees picking up a DH in the wake of the Jesus Montero/Michael Pineda deal. However, if it were up to slugger Alex Rodriguez the Yankees won’t fill the position and instead would use a “revolving door” DH, he told Alvaro Morales of ESPN Deportes.

“I think the vision for us as a team is now … you want the DH spot to be one that’s kind of a revolving door,” he said in an interview with ESPNdeportes’ Alvaro Morales. “I think a lot of us at some point or another, in such a long season, are going occupy that spot.

“But for me, I’m really excited about playing third base.”

“I feel pretty good right now and I hope that (the procedure) helps me stay healthy and have … a great year on the field,” Rodriguez told Morales. “My workouts are going great and I’m looking forward to report day on Feb. 24 (to) get started and have a great year for the Yankees.”

A-Rod will still play third base next season, as he did quite capably last season. However, he has failed to stay healthy and play consistently since he re-signed with the Yankees back before 2008. So while he is still solid in the field, it is probably best to keep him off it for the sake of his health.

I expect A-Rod will probably play about 40 games as the DH with Andruw Jones getting another 40-50 starts there. Maybe Derek Jeter picks up 20 more. Somebody like Eric Chavez, who has not yet re-signed, or a non-roster invitee will grab the rest of the DH starts.

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3 Responses to Quote: A-Rod wants “revolving door” DH

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    It's a little bit weird not to have a true, full-time DH. I suppose this is what comes from having multiple worn-out infielders who need a break. But it makes the team feel more like an NL team, rotating guys in and out of the starting lineup.

    Since A-Rod is admitting that he can't play third base all season anymore, MAYBE the thing to do is get a good, full-time third-baseman, and make A-ROD the starting DH. It's going to happen soon enough anyway. Since we don't have a DH right now, and A-Rod admits he can't be a full-time 3B anymore, maybe we should do it now.

    Who's out there?

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    One thing we found out today: Forget about Carlos Pena. He went back to the Rays.

  3. Fred says:

    I think Arod is right, but that was always the plan. We aren't signing Prince Fielder any time soon. Just need one more guy to be able to have a go to… When you need your absolute best lineup, you don't want Nunez/Chavez covering for an old man playing DH.

    As for who is out there… With Pena gone its Damon, Vlad, Matsui and (blasphemy) Ramirez. Given that, I don't think you can rule out a Hughes trade for some kind of decent hitter.

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