Quote: Success and Failure got to Sanchez

Gary Sanchez signed with the Yankees for one of the biggest bonuses they ever to a amateur player and then was ranked as the No. 30 prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America shortly after.

Then last season he had a huge setback and was even disciplined by the Yankees for attitude problems. It was a reminder that as promising as he is, he still just a teenager.

This brings us to one of Josh Norris’ latest articles over at Minor Matters. Norris interviewed Baseball America’s John Manuel and asked him about Sanchez and his attitude issues and it’s certainly worth reading.

Here is an excerpt of what Manuel had to say:

One of my notes from inside the organization definitely said ‘I wish that you did not rank him second last year.’ I think all players need to show that they can handle success and they all need to show that they can handle failure. For Sanchez, he hadn’t had any failure until this year. He did not show that he can handle success that well. He didn’t handle prosperity terribly well — it seemed like it went to his head.

It does seem like he handled failure a little bit better. Once he got back on the field, he was better in the second half, it seemed like. That’s all the reports that I have. Maybe he learned his lesson from that (organizational suspension). To me, the story of not wanting to call the breaking ball because he’s afraid to get embarrassed, that’s an immaturity thing. That’s the kind of thing where you hope it gets worked out of his system…

…Those two negatives are undeniable, but I like to focus on what the guy can do, and he can freakin’ hit. I don’t think that should be lost in detailing his defensive or maturity issues. Those can be fixed; it’s hard to find catchers who can hit like him.

As good as Sanchez is, don’t forget he just turned 19-years-old. He’s still got a long way to go. He could very well need at least four more full seasons of minor league seasoning both to develop as a hitter and to progress into a mature athlete. Don’t count on him until 2016 at the earliest.

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2 Responses to Quote: Success and Failure got to Sanchez

  1. Joe says:

    Yanks are stockpiled with young talent. Let's start using it like other teams do.

  2. alcan says:

    Rob, thanks for this article… I was discussing this very same prospect on the foxsports yankee page board the other day. If I m not mistaken, Sanchez was the youngest among his peers last season in the NYPL. He is very young and having a set back now could have been the very best thing that could have happened to him. I am sure he will be fine. I believe the Yankee organization is doing a fine job in bringing these kids along despite the impatience of some fans.

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