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The really interesting part of the entire Jesus Montero-for-Michael Pineda to me is the 19-year-old Jose Campos, who seems like much more than just a throw in.

Bart Klett over at Prospect Instrinct ranked Campos as the No. 5 prospect in the Mariner’s system and put together a scouting report on him back in late August. Read the entire article, but I wanted to share some excerpts as well:

On his fastball: “As advertised, Campos brings a solid fastball offering.  His FB sits at 91-92Mph, but I saw him find an extra couple ticks to register at 94Mph when looking to put away a hitter…While the velocity of his fastball was impressive, I was more impressed by the fact that Campos could locate the FB where he wanted on a consistent basis.”

On his slider: “Campos compliments his fastball with a nice slider.  While this pitch doesn’t have huge movement, it does a have late breaking action to it…This a great compliment to the FB that he likes to bring in on the hands of right handed batters.  The slider sits consistently at 83-84Mph and was highly effective.”

On his curveball: “Campos does have a curveball to go with his other pitches.  It is most certainly a work in progress.  The curve is a 12-6 offering, but does not have great breaking action to it.  However, the breaking action is not so important, since it tends to have the effect of a changeup.”

On his mechanics: “Campos stands at 6’4’’ and is close to 200lbs.  His frame looks like it will fill out a bit more and suggests a workhorse type body.  His high leg kick seems to help with a long stride and easy, repeatable delivery.  Arm action was smooth and it seemed as though Campos had another gear of velocity that he could reach if needed…Since he just turned 19 years old a few weeks ago, there is projectability to his stuff.  I would not be surprised to see an increase in velocity as he develops.”

Klett’s final thoughts: “Obviously, I am high on the physical tools that Campos has to work with, but there is one other very impressive facet to his game.  Campos has great presence on the mound…Campos is a quick worker and often had retired the side in under 4 minutes.  He is efficient with his pitches and likes to throw strikes, as 11bb in 76innings would suggest.”


These were only excerpts of what Klett had to say about Campos. So again, head over to Prospect Instinct to read his scouting report in its entirety.

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3 Responses to Read: Scouting Report on Jose Campos

  1. John says:

    Seems to have a Jake Peavy whip on the follow through from the front view, profile looks more relaxed.. Surprised he doesn't get lower in his delivery. Anyone else remember Tom Seaver's knee stain after a start? I thought he threw harder that 91-92 and p to 94 MPH.

    • Yeah, I've heard a lot of people say he throws up to 98 mph, specifically Michael Kay among others, but any reports that were done first hand have him much lower. Still, 91-94 is certainly solid.

  2. Grant says:

    I was surprised we got this kid in the deal. He has tremendous upside at 19 with those tools. Noesi will never have his ceiling IMO, but Noesi may end up a solid number 4 or 5 pitcher anyways.
    I’m glad Cashman got this kid in the deal, it dulls the pain of losing Montero (not really)

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