Remembering the pork chop incident as Kim Jones leaves YES 3

After seven years with the YES Network, pre and post-game reporter Kimberly Jones is leaving the network, according to Neil Best of Newsday.

It took me a while to warm up to Jones, or even to tell her apart from Nancy Newman, but I feel like she has really come into her own as a YES personality over the last two or even three years.

Her shining moment of course took place in Minnesota during the 2010 season when a Yankees fan snuck up behind her and took a bite of a pork chop she was holding as she discussed the foot at Target Field. It was¬†unintentionally¬†hilarious and will likely be a part of the YES Network’s blooper reals in the future.

Jones was actually asked by the YES Network to come back next season, but the two sides parted amicably. She doesn’t have a job yet, but the rumor is that she will hook on with the NFL Network. A job at WFAN is also a possibility as she does a lot of work for them too.

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3 thoughts on “Remembering the pork chop incident as Kim Jones leaves YES

  • Dan

    The fact that Kim Jones is gone (even if it was amicable), but Susyn Waldman is still there, is about as ridiculous as Roger Clemens being in George's box and announcing he's coming back.

      • Dan

        She can be a fight promoter, a political talking head, public speaking teacher, work at a suicide hotline, be a librarian, re-record the wilhelm scream, etc.

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