Rumor: Johnny Damon badly wants back on the Yankees

Johnny Damon never wanted to leave the Yankees after the 2009 season, but lost a financial game of chicken to GM Brian Cashman. Now that the Yankees have an opening at DH, Damon is said to badly want to return to the Bronx, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

There are two problems preventing Damon from returning to the Bronx right now. The first is the Jesus MonteroMichael Pineda trade hasn’t been finalized and the Yankees aren’t making any deals for a DH until all the I’s are dotted and all the T’s are crossed.

That will eventually happen, but when it does there will still be the problem of money. The Yankees are said to only have up to $2 million left to spend on their roster and they still have to find a backup for Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod suggested earlier this week that the Yankees need a rotating DH, a signal that he plans on needing plenty of rest in the upcoming season.

So unless the Yankees can actually find somebody to take A.J. Burnett off their hands it seems very likely that either they won’t sign a DH at all or they will go the non-roster invitee route. So unless Damon wants to be a Yankee so badly that he is willing to play for the major league minimum, there is a decent chance that there won’t be room financially for him on this team.

The Yankees meanwhile have plenty of options at DH if they wanted to explore some of them. Vladimir Guerrero and Raul Ibanez are out there so is Hideki Matsui. If they wanted to get crazy Derrek Lee is still available and Manny Ramirez is looking for a job too. They are also trying to find a team to take Burnett off their hands and ideally would just trade him for a DH.

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12 Responses to Rumor: Johnny Damon badly wants back on the Yankees

  1. jwmann2 says:

    Good DHs are hard to fine, you usually have to settle for guys in the twilight of their careers that don't want to be playing in the infield everyday. What about Jim Thome splitting time at 3rd base and DH? I know he hasn't played in the infield in the last few years but I'm sure you could get him for cheap.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Thome signed with the Phils, who, surprisingly, may actually try him at 1B despite the fact that Thome has only played something like three games in the field in the last five years. … I wouldn't put him at 1B, much less 3B.

  2. Joe says:

    Damon wants an opportunity for 3000 hits. he will be looking for alot of ABs.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Damon got screwed over by his agent, Boras. If he had taken the money the club gave Nick Johnson, he would have stayed in pinstripes. Instead Boras dragged things out to help his other client, Holliday, get a better contract from the Cardinals, shameful.
    At any rate, A-Rod will be getting plenty of at bats at DH in 2012, and be moving to full time DH soon enough, so there really isn't a need for Damon or any of the others.
    I'm still waiting for the Burnett for Bay trade!

  4. DSC says:

    Teams need to look, really, just at Matsui, Guerrero, and Ibanez for short-term bumps. If you have a short RF porch, go after Matsui. If you have a short LF porch, Guerrero. If you need a more versatile guy who can hit OK, Ibanez.

  5. gordybravo says:

    We should forget about these over the hill players and try for a player like Justin Morneau from Minnesota. With his contract and health issues,I think the Twins would let him go for lets say AJ(with the Yankees picking up half his pay) Hughes,maybe Cervelli or maybe Romine,so that they can move Mauer to fist base,or a combo of B grade minor leaguers. He would be a great DH to put behind A-Rod and rest Tex.

    • Seriously? This is not a video game.

      • gordybravo says:

        Hay Rob Abruzzese what kind of a reply is that to my post? Are you SOOOO far ahead of every bodies else that what I suggested is so ridiculous that it could never happen? Fist of all, I said a player 'Like" Morneau, the point was that we stop with the same and look to the new.We now have the players to offer Teams in trade witch can give us better players than Matsui or Damon. Morneau was an example.So please if you Reply tell me Why,because that's what this Posting thing is all about.

  6. yankeeman says:

    I think Morneau has a full no trade clause.

  7. Shavager says:

    Hate to say it guys, Johnny Damon's far more valuable to Yankees with the bat than Andruw Jones, would rather Posada had gotten Jones spot on roster but Damon is still an improvement. Damon gives Yanks base stealing ability though he's not a Brett Gardner by no means, a left handed bat for the Stadium, can spell Swisher in right where strong arm isn't as big as LF. Too many fans assume ARod won't be back to form and playing 3B regularly, with Montero traded Damon can fill the bill, he's a heads up player determined to succeed when he's on the field.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Do you even follow the sport, or just shoot your mouth off on sites? Damon in RF? are you insane? And as for A-Rod, he hasn't played a full year since 2007, so yeah, many of us assume he won't play a full year again, him being 36 and an ex-juicer.

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