Rumor: Pineda, Kuroda, and Carlos Pena could be next

The Yankees made two big moves Friday night dealing Jesus Montero to the Mariners for Michael Pineda and then they signed Hiroki Kuroda. Now they have to replace their DH and as Jon Heyman of CBS Sports suggested, Carlos Pena could be their man.

Pena, 33, was actually in the Yankees system at one point and they have been interested in adding him in the recent past. Now it looks like they may have their chance as he is still on the market.

Pena is known for two things, having a low batting average and striking out a lot. However, he has always done well OBP-wise as he walks a lot (101 walks last year). He also does very well against right handed pitchers, putting up a .388 OBP and .892 OPS against them last season.

If they do sign Pena, expect to see Andruw Jones start at DH every time the Yankees face a lefty. Pena had just a .260 OBP and .594 OPS against lefties while Jones had a .384 OBP and a .923 OPS against southpaws.

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8 Responses to Rumor: Pineda, Kuroda, and Carlos Pena could be next

  1. John says:

    Pena-Jones sounds good. Plus he can spell Tex at 1b.

  2. Jacques says:

    Please not Pena.. I love this guy, but I would rather see Jeter, Arod, Jones split DH and have Nunez and Gardy play more often.

  3. NYYJJinATL says:

    Pena is NOT who the Yankees need. They need to make a trade with the Braves for PRADO. He can play everywhere….and mostly play 3rd so Arod can DH to save his body for the plate.

  4. David K. says:

    Carlos Pena sucks!!! He is the modern version of Rob Deer. We don't need another home run or walk or strikeout hitter. Oh my God, what the hell is Cashman doing. Seems like maybe the doomsayers are right, 2012 may be the end of the world as we know it.

  5. MichaeljPoole says:


    Does anybody have any idea of what Jorge Vazquez's spilts are like. At AAA he simply mashes, if he can hit right handed pitching I think he could make an effective and very cheap platoon with Andruw Jones. However seeing that he bats right I fear he will be stronger against lefties which we already have Jones for. Then again Jones could play against tough lefties in LF and Jorge Vazquez as DH. Its an option


    • This winter he's hit about the same against both. However, he's really not an option. Vazquez had 166 strikeouts in 455 at bats in Triple-A. If Triple-A pitchers can get him to swing and miss that much, I can't imagine how often he'd K in the majors. If he got 500 at bats I think 250 K's would be possible.

      • MichaeljPoole says:

        thanks for the reply Rob, I think it all comes down to cost though If the Yankees really have no more cash I think it is an option. The strikeouts are the big concern but he would cost the league min so sacrifices have to be made.

        I just think its an option with Jones getting the bats at DH against LHs. Even if Vasquez had 4 bats in a game struck out 3 times and hit one out the yard the other time it would be productive

        I doubt the yankees will go ahead with it, but I think they will give him a closer look in spring training this year compared to last

  6. jerry says:

    The DH role is not something that needs to be filled right away,however if you can sign Pena at a reasonable price ,its not a big gamble . He is also a great 1st baseman. A platoon of Jones and Pena and others sounds very productive ,35-40 homeruns between them?. Also Pena is a lefty not a righty

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