Rumor: the Yankees have not initiated talks with DH’s

Ever since the Yankees traded away Jesus Montero, their expected DH, they have been in contact with Johnny Damon, Hideki Matsui, Vladimir Guerrero, and Raul Ibanez.

The Yankees don’t sound too interested though as Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record reports, all discussions have gone one way with agents representing the players initiating all of the talks.

As we discussed earlier today, it seems the Yankees are going to insist that they can’t sign anybody for anything more than $2 million and only if they can trade A.J. Burnett will they ¬†consider spending more.

The Yankees still need to sign a backup for Alex Rodriguez so a deal for Eric Chavez or somebody who can fill a similar role, is the likely next move. Chavez earned a base salary of $1.5 million plus incentives last year and if they sign him for something similar that leaves no money left over for a DH. I expect them to sign one or two non-roster invitees on minor league deals and have them compete for a DH, unless they can find a taker for Burnett.

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5 Responses to Rumor: the Yankees have not initiated talks with DH’s

  1. Gonzalo says:

    Rob and everybody else,
    How much do you think Yankees should pay from the 33MM in a trade for Burnett?
    Is it worth it to pay 25 or more?

    Personally I think we should trade him even if we have to pay around 25, we'll save some money in the tax payroll, Garcia and Hughes would be there for rotation depth and like we were just reading we could spend more in a DH

    • Jacques says:

      The Yankees are trying to hit under $189 million by 2014. Burnett would be free agent after 2013, so whether the Yanks keep him or release him, it wouldn't matter in terms fo tax payroll. The only exception is if Cashman trades Burnett to Cubs for Soriano. That would be bad b/c Soriano has 3 years remaining with $18 million in 2014.

  2. DSC says:

    I would say that possibly, since Burnett is not likely going to improve, they would have to pay at least 2/3 of it. Unless a team can be convinced that he can pitch better for them, I'd think no one would want him unless the Yankees pick up at least $28 million.

    As to DH's, a guy like Guerrero may be a good choice is the Yankees go with more left handers otherwise. Never sure who will go where this time of year.

  3. juan montalvo says:

    If the Yankees pay half of AJ's contract I know a team like the Mets or pittsburgh,washington,cleveland,minnesota. all these teams could use a veteran like AJ. I think the change will be a good thing for him.Maybe we can get a good backup third or SS for him. For the money that's left over the only safe bet would be chavez .If he can stay healthy he fits well as the lefty DH because when healthy he takes walks,is a contack hitter and he doesn't need to play every day.

    • Jacques says:

      Cleveland won't take him; Cleveland is already taking a chance with Derek Lowe.
      Minnesota already has a complete rotation.
      Pittsburgh's fiscal GM won't ever make that move.
      Mets will likely ask Yankees to take Jason Bay in return.

      Washington may be the only target. While they have Gio and Lannan, other three starters Strasburg, Zim, and Wang are likely not going to surpass 200 innings. Which players WSH offers remains a question, however.

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