Rumor: Very small chance Posada returns as DH

As the Yankees search for their next DH, Jon Heyman of CBS Sports asked them if they might consider bringing Jorge Posada back again now that Jesus Montero is out of the picture. However he was told that there is a “very small chance” that they would go that route. Heyman gave it about a one percent chance of happening.

In a strict platoon with Andruw Jones, Posada wouldn’t be a terrible idea. At the very least he would probably be a better option than Johnny Damon. He had a .348 OBP and an .814 OPS against righties last year.

The problem I see with this situation is that Posada is now 40-years-old and he was pretty inconsistent last season. At times he would be red hot, crushing righties, but at other times it didn’t matter who was on the mound. At this point they would probably be better off looking around for an alternative option.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Very small chance Posada returns as DH

  1. Michael Pimentel says:

    I think Posada should go ahead with his retirement. He has been great for the franchise but the time to walk into the sunset has come. I would like the Yankees to bring back Damon and give Jorge Vazquez a look in spring training. Johnny has a great attitude for the clubhouse, 16 Hr's is pretty awesome, 19 SB's and playing for the Yankees and that strong protection his OBP would increase as he will look to get on base more.

  2. Bronx_Knight says:

    Jorge Posada literally cried in the lockerroom after the Yankees lost in the ALDS, his last game as a Yankee. He has retired as a Yankee and will never play for another team. Bringing him back as a DH is not realistic. I hope Jorge is enjoying his retirement and not paying attention to these rumors, which, I think, would only bring him false hope of donning the pinstripes again.

  3. john says:

    Agreed again. I want to remember Posada fir hitting good in the ALDS
    They have a word for guys like Jorge now. COACH.
    the only time he needs to put back on the uniform is to coach or at old timers day.

  4. cristy says:

    give him another shot what's there to lose? He just might surprise everyone…..I believe in him! Bring
    POSADA back one more year Keep the 3 core players together one more year. Jeter, Posada and Rivera
    and have them retire together next year!

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