Rumor: Yankees continue to shop A.J. Burnett

It seems as if the Yankees are determined to get rid of A.J. Burnett has they have been getting the word out ever since the Michael PinedaJesus Montero swap that they would love to deal him, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.

Start reports that the Yankees would prefer to take on somebodies bad contract rather than eat Burnett’s salary, but there aren’t many comparable options out there.

Jason Bay of the Mets may be the best fit if teams are looking to just swap bad contracts. Burnett is owed $33 million over two years while Bay is owed $32 million over the same time period. Alfonso Soriano and Adam Dunn are two other names that have been thrown around as possibilities, but both have contracts that extend beyond 2014 which pretty much kills those possibilities.

The Yankees may be forced to just bite the bullet and eat most of his contract. At this point that $33 million might be a total loss, so if they could even save $10 million it could go a long way toward adding another bench piece and a DH.

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14 Responses to Rumor: Yankees continue to shop A.J. Burnett

  1. capers8 says:

    I wonder how Burnett feels. The Yankees are desperately trying to get rid of him and no one wants to take him.

  2. Daniel says:

    Trade him to the cubs for soriano and split the money for 2014.

    • John says:

      I'd rather have Soriano than Bay but splitting the difference in 2014 doesn't help with the luxury tax limit which is what is driving the Yankees to reduce payroll.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Straight up for Bay, or for Dunn with the White Sox paying his 2014 salary. Either works for me, but Soriano no way.

  4. gordybravo says:

    Well by himself the interest in AJ is low,now if you say maybe pay half his contract and add say Hughes to the mix for say Justin Morneau,I think Minnesota would give it serious thought.With his contract and health issues I think Minnesota would go for it. If they want more we can always throw in a player like Cervelli, because he(Morneau) would make a great DH.

  5. mdelao76 says:

    Burnett for Zito

    • Yankees Fan1980 says:

      AJ for a roll of bathroom tissue & dunn from the white sox .

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Zito makes more than A.J. Also, Zito only threw 53 2/3 IP last year and hasn't had an ERA under 4.00 (NL or no NL) since 2006.

  6. ddd says:

    What a disastrous signing Burnett was. Typical. Terrible mistake, eat the money. Thank god our payroll starts at $200!

  7. NYYinATL says:

    Absolutely NO THANK YOU on Soriano and Dunn! Dunn especially looked like Stevie Wonder out there last year.

    The guy we want out of this list….is clearly Jason Bay! Do you all not remember what a pain in the ass he was with Boston a few years ago?? He can hit in the AL East and he's still only 33.

  8. NYYinNC says:

    A trade for Bay would give another right handed bat/outfileder and makes sense – if it could be done. The problem with any trade is Burnett has a no trade clause in his contract. Offer a buyout on that to him, and move
    him on. He isn't the power pitcher he obviously thinks he is, and doesn't appear to be interested in learnng a
    pitch that could keep him competitive – change/cutter (with Mariano to teach it, what pitcher in his right mind wouldn't be interested?). If a deal ends up costing $20M of his salary paid, the decision is easy – $33M with him or $20 without him is a no brainer. The difference will help with the bench players needed.

    • Tanned Tom says:

      Bay has the no trade clause. Burnett has a limited clause, which allows him to veto trades to 10 teams, thus making 19 teams he can be traded to. My guess is that Burnett does not have the Mets on his no trade list, and that Bay would waive his clause to escape Queens. I'd rather eat $25 mil and trade him for a AA prospect, but Bay is an acceptable second choice.
      The problems are that Bay makes more than Burnett ($18.125 mil to 16.5 mil), that he hits righthanded when the team needs a lefthanded hitter, and that his two years since the very good 2009 have been pretty sorry. But a .245 hitter with medium power is still far more valuable than Burnett, and if Bay rebounds moving from Queens to cozy Yankee stadium, he might have trade value for 2013.

  9. Chris says:

    either way its not an ideal situation but Jason Bay looks to be the lesser of all evils

  10. Matt says:

    Bay could have contributed (*could have* not necessarily would have) if they didn't already sign Andruw. I love Andruw's attitude and charisma so I am glad they brought him back. But Andruw plus Bay means one on the bench a whole lot (Bay) and I think that would become a negative on what has evolved into a pretty good clubhouse.

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