Rumor: Yankees have spoken with Damon about DH’ing

Following the Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade, the Yankees are searching for a DH to fill Montero’s spot. Apparently the list of possible replacements includes Johnny Damon, whom they have been in contact with, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

To put it simply, signing Damon would be a bad idea. The Yankees got almost no production from the DH spot last season, getting a .329 OBP and .427 SLUG, only the Orioles and Mariners got less from their DH’s.

Both Damon’s OBP and SLUG were worse than those marks though at .326 and .418 respectively. Considering he’s now 38-years-old, those marks may be even worse in 2012. There are fans that still like him, but he doesn’t make sense in that role unless the Yankees want one of the worst DH’s in baseball again next year.

Even in a platoon situation Damon doesn’t make sense. He was significantly better against lefties last season than he was against righties. Considering Andruw Jones fits that description as well, it doesn’t make sense to have both.

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