Rumor: Yankees lurking as Cespedes candidate

The Yankees were the first team connected to Cuban soon-to-be free agent Yoenis Cespedes and since then we’ve heard everything from they are the favorites to land him to they have no interest at all.

It’s hard to figure out who to believe, but the latest is that while the Yankees are not “in,” on him they are also “not completely out,” on Cespedes either, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

“They’re just laying in the weeds right now,” said the source told ESPN New York, “but don’t be surprised if they get involved once Cespedes declares free agency.”

General manager Brian Cashman has made it hard to predict what he’s going to do. They supposedly weren’t interested in Hiroki Kuroda, until they signed him, but they insisted from the beginning that they weren’t interested in Yu Darvish and that turned out to be the truth.

In the end, they probably do like Cespedes, they might even like him a lot. However, his rumored asking price of $50 million seems unlikely. They are always willing to break their budget for the right guy, but he seems like much to big of a question mark to break the bank for. Maybe if they can land him at $25-$30 million he could be had, but it seems doubtful for more than that.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Yankees lurking as Cespedes candidate

  1. hotdog says:

    if the Yankees are looking too closely at their budget, Cespedes may not happen. I don't know too much about him but I get the sense that regular position players from other countries are significantly less risk than pitchers. Texas may be the next team to find that out.

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    $50 mil for a player who has not one AB against ML pitchers is too much. It is one thing to put up strong numbers against inferior competition, another entirely to do it against the best. Pass.
    A 3 year deal for $15 mil, now I could be interested.

  3. Michael says:

    Heck, the Yankess just gave Hughes a 1/2 million dollar raise for his GREAT 2011 season! Now he's at $3.2m and he stinks. So $10m a year for a hitter and a multi positioned player may solve a lot of problems. He can switch with Swisher and with Swisher off the books next year there is the possible replacement. The DH is a free position so why not get the best hitter available. Why bat a guy who hits like a pitcher to save some money. It's a FREE batters position. I don't get the Yankees and I think they will regret trading Montero. To protect themselves they better get a GOOD DH.

    • alcan says:

      DH could be got anywhere… the Yanks have a handful of DHs on their team now as it stands. They may just need to add a Lefty batter with some pop to compliment A. Jones and that is your DH spot. Basically, the Yanks have enough veterans to use a DH by committee for this season. However, getting an "ACE" type proven mlb pitcher is not that easy to find and the Yanks managed to find one. I was sad to see Montero go as I have followed his progress all the way from his initial Gulf Coast League days but the trade made a lot of sense for ther Yanks who needed to fill the pitching holes in their rotation. Pineda is under control for the next five years and should only get better…

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