Rumor: Yankees meeting with Jackson’s Agent a mere “Courtesy”

The Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner and president Randy Levine did meet with Edwin Jackson‘s agent Scott Boras the other day, but the meeting was described as merely a “courtesy” to Boras who asked for the meeting, according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN New York.

Apparently the two sides met at the Owners Meetings. It was in between sessions and lasted just 25 minutes.

“Boras asked for a courtesy meeting and he got it,” the source told Matthews, adding that the Yankees “are no closer to signing Jackson today than before.”

This doesn’t mean that the Yankees don’t like Jackson, they do. The problem is that they don’t like his price tag that could be as much as $75 million. Instead they are likely to hold out for a one-year deal and would probably be glad to sign him if his demands dropped that far.

Boras has done similar one-year deals before when he can’t find the big contract that he was looking for. Most recently he settled on a one-year deal with Ryan Madson, who signed for just $8.5 million after nearly landing a deal worth more than $40 million with the Phillies earlier this offseason.

So hopefully the Yankees can land Jackson on a similar one-year deal. If they can’t, then maybe they will turn their attention to Hiroki Kuroda or Roy Oswalt, two other pitchers they are in talks with that would be willing to accept a one-year deal. One-year deals are important to the Yankees who are trying to get the payroll under $189 million by 2014.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Yankees meeting with Jackson’s Agent a mere “Courtesy”

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    50-50 Yankees sign Jackson. What I would like, is to see Boras play Svengali and arrange a trade of Burnett as a precursor to signing Jackson for a 2 year deal. One thing for sure is that the market for Jackson must be thin if Boras is trying to get the Yankees interested.

  2. John says:

    Heyman just tweeted Montero for Pineda

  3. Fred says:

    Yankees apparently traded for Pineda and signed Kuroda

    CC/Pineda/Kuroda/Nova/Garcia. With Hughes in the pen and Burnett stuck somewhere

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