Rumor: Yankees talking with Kuroda, Jackson & Oswalt

Shortly after we hear that the Yankees are thinking of increasing payroll, we find out that they are still talking with free agents Hiroki Kuroda, Edwin Jackson, and Roy Oswalt, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

This makes sense as they have talked all offseaosn of wanting to improve their rotation. They seem to have waited out all of the big deals and now will probably choose between these three and whomever is willing to accept the shortest/cheapest contract.

Kuroda still seems the most likely as he can be had on a one year deal, but Jackson has been one of the more solid, young pitchers over the past couple of years. So in the longterm it may be best that they go after him. Unlike Kuroda, he has pitched in the AL before too, making him less of a question mark in that respect.

Oswalt has been somebody they have been mostly cool on all offseason because of his back issues. However, he remains another intriguing option because he is willing to accept a one-year deal. He comes with the same concerns as Kuroda, as he has never pitched in the AL before. Still, Kuroda has been said to expect a deal in the $12-$14 million range so it is possible that Oswalt is the cheaper alternative.

If the Yankees are serious about improving their rotation, these three probably represent their best chance to do so this offseason without giving up a ton of prospects in a trade. The fact that they are still talking to all three makes me feel like a deal for one of them is inevitable.

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13 Responses to Rumor: Yankees talking with Kuroda, Jackson & Oswalt

  1. jerry says:

    Oswalt makes the most sense. Hes a proven winner when healthy and worth a one year gamble. I would feel much better knowing hes part of the rotation.

  2. John says:

    Oswalt has a bad back so unless he comes REAL CHEAP. no thanks. Dont spend too.much.
    If Kuroda is so good why hasnt anyone grabbed him up yet? Plus he vetoed a trade last year cuz he liked dodger stadium. No thanks. I also just think he will suck in the AL east.
    Ejax is too much like AJ.
    The tigers are about to add Garza.
    I may be crazy but I have a feeling theyre waiting to see if Johan Santana is healthy during tge season. Not sure why just think thats possible.

    • RobMer says:

      Even if he's healthy, I don't see the Yankees going in heavy on Santana unless the Mets throw in quite a bit of money. The Mets backloaded his contract. He's set to make more money than any pitcher in the game the next couple of seasons, with $24 million in 2012 and $25 million in 2013, as well as a $5.5 million buyout for 2014. So it'll cost the Yankees $54.4 million, or more than $27 million a season for Santana. And, oh yeah, tack on the Yankees 40% luxury tax and Santana will cost over $35 million a year to pitch for the Yankees. It's not happening.

  3. John says:

    Good point rod

  4. RRR says:

    Here ar the career stats of all 3 pitchers:
    Edwin JacksonMLB2003-201160604.4620317343901,0791154578535119439801571.489.630.993.666.681.82
    Hiroki KurodaMLB2008-201141463.45115114220069966730826864163523341.198.590.822.106.733.21
    Roy OswaltMLB2001-2011159933.21339326208502,15420718257691835001759261.198.650.762.097.353.52

    Note that Jackson is a .500 pitcher, has more hits than innings pitched, more walks than innings pitched and a significantly higher ERA than the others -. PASS
    Oswalt NL + back injuries – PASS unless low price and 1 year
    Kiroda: More reliable/better quality than Burnett, Hughes from day 1. GO FOR IT. NL pitcher, but worth a flyer.

    By adding Kiroda, and potentially also Oswalt (for a low price), the Yankees start the season with:
    – Sabathia
    – Kiroda
    – Nova
    – Oswalt
    – Burnett
    Move Hughes to bullpen – his arm can't take full season pounding, and he has proved he can pitch there effectively.
    Have Burnett start the season -= if more of the same, after 1 month, then off to the bullpen he goes for long relief/mop up – then move Garcia into the starting rotation
    Have Noesi in the bullpen ready in case of injury (Oswalt most likely).

    Why sign both? It may look like the Yankees have a starting rotation right now, but Hughes and Garcia can't pitch an entire season. That only leaves Sabathia (major innings every year), Nova (sophmore), Noesi (Ready Yet?) and Burnett (awful).
    Anybody who thinks Burnett will be any better, or that hughes and Garcia can pitch more than a half season isn't paying attention.

    • RRR says:

      Sorry, the stats didnt display as I thought.

      • RRR says:

        Here are the Most important stats* – hopefully this format will work better:

        Player W LERAIP H WHIP H9 HR9 BB9SO9 SO/BB
        Edwin Jackson / 60 / 60 / 4.46 / 1079 / 1154 / 1.48 / 9.63 / 0.99 / 3.66 / 6.68 / 1.82 /
        Hiroki Kuroda / 41 / 46 / 3.45 / 699 / 667 / 1.19 / 8.59 / 0.82 / 2.1 / 6.73 / 3.21 /
        Roy Oswalt / 159 / 93 / 3.21 / 2154 / 2071 / 1.19 / 8.65 / 0.76 / 2.09 / 7.35 / 3.52 /

        *from the Baseball Cube

        • RRR says:

          Player / W / L / ERA / IP/ H/ WHIP / H9 / HR9 / BB9/ SO9 / SO/BB
          Edwin Jackson / 60 / 60 / 4.46 / 1079 / 1154 / 1.48 / 9.63 / 0.99 / 3.66 / 6.68 / 1.82 /
          Hiroki Kuroda / 41 / 46 / 3.45 / 699 / 667 / 1.19 / 8.59 / 0.82 / 2.1 / 6.73 / 3.21 /
          Roy Oswalt / 159 / 93 / 3.21 / 2154 / 2071 / 1.19 / 8.65 / 0.76 / 2.09 / 7.35 / 3.52 /

          • RRR says:

            btw, here are AJ Burnett's stats (for comparison to Kuroda/Oswalt):

            Player / W / L / ERA / IP/ H/ WHIP / H9 / HR9 / BB9/ SO9 / SO/BB
            A.J. Burnett / 121 / 111 / 4.1 /1,960 / 1786 / 1.33 / 8.2 / 0.93 /3.79 / 8.22 / 2.1 /

  5. RRR says:

    Also, regarding Jackson, I didn't mean to say more walks than inning pitched (that's not true)… but he does have a significantly higher WHIP than the other pitchers, and a higher HR per 9 innings too.

  6. Jacques says:

    I'd say go with Oswalt. The fact that he is willing to take a one year deal proves to me that he is going to work his butt off in order to gain a multi-year deal next offseason. Kuroda I find to be different; while his stats are great, transitioning from a pitcher-friendly park in NL West to homer-frenzy AL East does not make much sense. Considering both pitcher's K/9 and WHIP are similar, I would take a gamble with Oswalt over Kuroda

    • Marc Perez says:

      I'd take either one of Kuroda or Oswalt on a one year deal. The worst that could happen is Oswalt doesn't stay healthy all season. I really don't see a reason that either of these guys wouldn't be at least serviceable for the 2012 season. Jackson on the other hand, would be a bad call. Putting multiple years and a large chunk of money into him would be regrettable. Stay away from the temptation, sign a one year deal with one of the trusted vets, and wait it out til 2013 when the young guys are ready to take the reigns.

  7. Marc Perez says:

    Jackson- Career average of allowing one and a half men on base every inning.
    If he wanted a one year deal I'd say maybe, but long term he should not even be considered.
    Cheaper guys who I'd rather take a flyer on (not including Kuroda or Oswalt): Joe Saunders, Jon Garlad, Jeff Francis, maybe Rich Harden

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