Rumors: Kuroda will stay in USA, wants $13-$14 million

Former Dodgers pitcher Hiroki Kuroda is holding out for $13-$14 million, but he won’t be heading back to Japan and should make a decision as to which team he will sign with in the next couple of days, according to Jon Heyman and Patrick Newman.

This is actually slightly more money Kuroda is supposedly seeking than we’ve been hearing. Not sure who is going to give it to him though. Both the Yankees and the Red Sox have been constantly attached to him in rumors this offseason, even recently, but both teams seem reluctant to spend this offseason.

Despite the fact that the Yankees are supposedly still interested, it seems like the only chance that they could land him is if that asking price drops significantly. Otherwise he may end up with the Rangers who are looking to replace C.J. Wilson, but have not made a lot of progress with Yu Darvish.

Keep in mind that the Yankees are already over the luxury tax threshold, meaning that if they signed Kuroda an extra 40 percent would be tacked on. That makes a $14 million deal actually a $19.6 million deal, extremely unlikely given Kuroda is coming from the NL West.

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One Response to Rumors: Kuroda will stay in USA, wants $13-$14 million

  1. RobMer says:

    That is a lot of change for a man who has yet to pitch in the AL and the AL East. I also think it might be slightly worse. Doesn't the luxury tax go up to 42% in 2012 (or is it 2013?) before hitting 50% in 2014.

    A one-year deal could make it understandable, but he's still expensive.

    And, btw, congrats on joining the SweetSpot Network.

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