Video: a Mattingly Walk-off from 1985

Don Mattingly was my favorite ball player when I was growing up. So this morning when William Juliano of the fantastic Yankees blog, The Captain’s Blog, posted a video from 1985 of Donny Baseball walking off the Twins, I had to share it. He gives a little more context for the shot so click through if you are interested. I’m only passing along the video.

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One Response to Video: a Mattingly Walk-off from 1985

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    Did some checking. Donnie hit 35 HR that year, his career high. This was HR #2 of 1985, on May 13th, 1985. As of July 31st, he had 12 HR that year. Then he hit 11 in August, 12 in Sept./Oct. By month: April: 0; May 5; June 1: July 6: August 11; Sept./Oct: 12.