Wilson Betemit signs 1-year deal with the Orioles

All of the focus lately has been on the DH spot, but perhaps just as important is finding somebody to backup Alex “We need a rotating-DH” Rodriguez.

Last season it was Eric Chavez, who did a good job, but spent nearly three months on the disabled list. It’s likely they’ll re-sign him for the same role next year, but it hasn’t happened yet and he has gotten interest from other teams so it is not a forgone conclusion yet.

The next best alternative if the Yankees don’t sign Chavez was probably Wilson Betemit, but he is now off the board as he has signed a one-year deal to play for the Orioles, according to Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun.

I actually preferred Betemit to Chavez as the latter is too much of an injury risk and Betemit has actually improved to become a decent player. The Yankees need to move quickly now to lock up Chavez as the options dry up quickly now that Betemit is with the Orioles.

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  1. klaus says:

    Chavez would be less of an injury risk if he'd get off that ladder.

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