Yankees avoid arbitration with 2, file for 3 others

The Yankees have five arbitration eligible players and reached an agreement with two of them to avoid it, but exchanged figures with three others, according to these Twitter links.

David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain agreed to deals to avoid arbitration, D-Rob will get $1.6 million with another possible $25K in incentives while Joba gets $1.675 million.

The Yankees couldn’t reach agreements with Russell Martin, Brett Gardner, and Boone Logan so the two sides exchanged numbers before they head to arbitration where a third party will decide on how much they will earn next year.

Martin filed for $8.2 million and the Yankees countered with a $7 million offer, Gardner filed for $3.2 million and he was countered with $2.4 million, Logan filed at $2.1 million and was countered at $1.7 million.

The two sides can still negotiate a deal right up until the arbitration hearings. The Yankees usually try desperately to avoid such hears as they often drive a stake in the team-player relationships. It did so with Derek Jeter over a decade ago and it might have been the reason the Yankees couldn’t re-sign Chien-Ming Wang after he was non-tendered.

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3 Responses to Yankees avoid arbitration with 2, file for 3 others

  1. Jacques says:

    Based on history of arbitrations, none of those three players will win in after the hearings

  2. Fred says:

    I don't know much about this, but what I do know is that Brett Gardner deserves every penny

  3. Shavager says:

    Right now Yankees need Martin, may have Montero on roster but he's not likely to be a full time catcher, Cervelli is a backup at best. Gardner has speed in OF, on the bases and worth the money but his bat lacks the pop NY needs from a LF–sign and trade for bigger pop at bat. At this point Logan was only lefthander on roster last year, Yankees need a lefty, Logan's cheap.

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