Yankees hire former Cubs GM Jim Hendry 3

The Yankees have hired former Cubs general manager since Jim Hendry, the man who was replaced by Theo Epstein earlier this offseason, according to Bruce Levine of ESPNChicago.com. He’ll serve as special assistant to Brian Cashman.

The Yankees have made moves like this in the past when they signed former Padres GM Kevin Towers before he took the Diamondbacks GM job. This is supposedly a multi-year deal so it may be slightly more permanent than Towers’ situation was.

This gives the Yankees an inside man who knows not only the Cubs prospects very well, but also probably a few other National League teams that they might not have been so familiar with. It also gives them a set of fresh eyes to evaluate their own prospects without the bias that comes with your own prospects.

The one thing that stands out here is that Hendry has made some colossal mistakes in recent years especially when it comes to signing players with attitude issues, something the Yankees have made efforts to avoid recently. I’m talking about signing Milton Bradley and Carlos Zambrano types. Hendry also¬†under performed¬†for years with one of the largest payrolls in the league.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees hire former Cubs GM Jim Hendry

  • Fred

    Another mind never hurts unless he has more power than he should. I'm sure Cashman won't let him have too much influence over major decisions.

  • jwmann2

    At least he's not in the position to make big time decisions. He took a big payroll in Chicago and was counter productive with it. Hard to do in professional baseball.

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