Yankees quote: Pineda has the tools to be an ace

It’s not every day that teams acquire a young pitcher with ace potential so Yankees pitching coach Larry Rothschild is understandably excited when the Yankees landed Michael Pineda.

Here are some quotes from Rothschild via Dan Martin of the NY Post:

“I’m excited to get him,” Rothschild said yesterday outside the Yankees’ spring training complex. “He’s got the tools to become an ace. He’s going to go through the same things everyone else goes through. It’s not going to happen overnight, but he has the tools to get there.

“He’s a young kid with a nice arm and he has a year of experience now, so I think it’s good to have him here. Those are the kinds of guys you really like to work with. His arm strength looks very competitive, and it doesn’t look like he takes any pitches off during games, which is great for a young pitcher.

“I love his attitude on the mound. He seems to have a fire to do well and you can tell he’s not afraid to go after people and not hold back. The third pitch, the changeup, is what we’re going to work on developing to get him to the next level.”

So both Brian Cashman and Rothschild believe that he still needs to add a changeup. There will no doubt be a ton of talk about that during spring training. Hopefully he has better luck with that pitch than Phil Hughes and A.J. Burnett had with it.

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  1. gordybravoWow says:

    What a lefty righty combo that cashman has put together.There going to strike fear on the rest of the league.Oh and the rest of the rotation isn't bad either.Man we can trade Hughes,Jaba,AJ,and Garcia and they can be replaced with some one just as good or better from the farm.

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