Yankees trade Montero to Seattle for Pineda

The Yankees have traded their top prospect, Jesus Montero, and one other player to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda and a prospect, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

The deal also sent minor league righty Hector Noesi to Seattle and the Yankees landed 19-year-old pitching prospect Jose Campos, according to Greg Johns of MLB.com.

Not sure how I like this one yet. I’m very upset that the Yankees lost Montero just because I’ve followed his career for years now and he was finally so close to contributing. His youth was also much needed in a lineup that is not getting any younger. They clearly didn’t have faith in him as a catcher though as shown by the fact that they called up Austin Romine last September when Francisco Cervelli got hurt instead of just using Montero behind the plate.

Michael Pineda is also a very talented pitcher who is about to turn 23-years-old. Last season he had a 9.1 K/9 and a 2.9 BB/9 with a 3.74 ERA in 171 innings with the Mariners. That’s a damn impressive rookie season. The problem is, unless he can continue that success then this could be a very annoying trade for years to come. If he flops, we are going to have to hear Yankees fans complain anytime Montero does anything in Seattle.

Losing Noesi is no small issue either. He had done a decent job transitioning to the majors last year and looked like he would contribute in the major league rotation this season after a strong performance in the Dominican Winter League this offseason. At first glace Campos doesn’t look like a bad prospect, but at 19-years-old he is still a long way away from the majors.

I’ll have more thoughts on this trade tomorrow, but until then I want to hear your initial reactions? Like the trade? Love it? Hate it? Does this deal require another move to supplement the offense?

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21 Responses to Yankees trade Montero to Seattle for Pineda

  1. Jacques says:

    what is Cashman thinking? We aren't even sure if Pineda's young arm is going to last!! Like Hughes, trusting a young arm is sooo dangerous!!!

    Plus, an AL West to AL East? Sorry, only Felix Hernandez can handle that.

    UGH… wish you the best jesus

    • Mike Sommer says:

      He just signed Kuroda to a one year deal. Stopgap until Banuelos/Betances are ready.

      What is he thinking? This…. he is stockpiling young arms. Nova, Hughes (still just 25), Betances, Banuelos, Pineda (23 next week), let's not forget Warren, Phelps, Mitchell… Joba and Robertson are still in their 20s. And on Twitter, Campos is getting a lot of nice reviews for a 19 year old…

  2. Two scary stats: Pineda's 5.38 ERA over his last 13 starts and his 36.3 GB%.

  3. John says:

    Cashman has to go. Pineda is spanish for phil hughes

    • Mike Sommer says:

      and you can tell that from a guy who'll be 23 next week and has just one year in the majors?

  4. John says:

    He got blown uo in the 2nd half u posted tge stats just like Hughes.
    He is going from Safeco to Yankee stadium.
    On the other side Montero is going to Safeco. That will probably hurt his numbers. We dont know

  5. John says:

    starting to warm up to this. After all Montero was going to be a 22 year old DH. No D position hurt his overall value to them. Hed never play 1st here.
    So its CC,Pineda,Nova,Kuroda,Hughes,AJ &Freddy.
    Someones got to go. Probably Hughes since nobody will take AJ. Freddy can be long man
    By the way sayong Pineda

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Even if Garcia or AJ is the #5 and Hughes goes to the BP, you have both Hughes and Joba coming in IN THE FIFTH OR SIXTH INNING, followed by Soriano, D-Rob and Mo! Still think this is a bad move?

      So, ages 27 or younger…Joba, Robertson, Hughes, Pineda, Baneulos, Betances, Warren, Phelps, Mitchell, Nova… um…. young pitching anyone?

  6. John says:

    Saying Pineda is spanish for Hughes isnt an Insult coming from me. Rob knows my posts always liked hughes. He is similar because tgey both made all star teams then got blown up.

  7. John says:

    Great job, Cash. You just gave Seattle the next Edgar Martinez.

  8. Mike Sommer says:

    The Yanks apparently built Montero up knowing he couldn't catch (statements to the contrary). They still have Romine, who they probably consider the better OVERALL CATCHER. Not to mention Gary Sanchez, 20, who is several levels below. Girardi, a former catcher, (as well as Tony Pena), probably liked Romine more. Give them some credit for knowing what they (both All-Stars, as well as Butch Wynegar, a coach in AAA ) want in a catcher.

  9. Gonzalo says:

    Let's be positive, everybody is just complaining. The deal is done, If we were going to get Kuroda I would have not made this trade, Kuroda fills the gap for Banuelos and Betanes. But like I said the deal is done, come on.

    Now we have 7 pitchers there, It's very good to have depth, but we also have Phelps, Warren and Mitchell waiting for a chance, so what would be your proposals with all the pitchers we have now?

  10. Jeff K says:

    You write about baseball, and this was your "first glance" of Jose Campos? Check out John Sickels' site, Campos is a good prospect. Also, ERA is a terrible stat, as I hope you know. Pineda's FIP for August/Sep was 3.85 compared to 3.29 for the rest of the season. A difference, but nothing huge. Of more concern should be his drop in velocity later in the year- it's not whether that was a decision Pineda made or it was due to declining arm strength and/or being tired.

  11. Hardcore Yankee Fan says:

    I love Montero and still like this deal. Pineda has 5 years of team control remaining and has great stuff. You can't teach that kind of velocity. He may or may not be a front line starter but I think it's worth the gamble. I'd rather they do this then spend $120M+ on Matt Cain or something like that next year. You can ALWAYS find hitters available every year. Plus, this Campos kid seems like a REALLY high ceiling sort of player. I am in full support of what Cashman has done here. I hate to see Montero go but DH was going to be a very crowded position moving forward for the Yanks for years to come.

  12. NYYJJinATL says:

    Guys, I love Montero as much as the next guy….but to get a 22 year old potential ace with 5 controllable years for a player who had no position with the Yankees is a GOOD idea.

    For the idiots discussing what Pineda didn't do at the end of last year…..he's 22 YEARS OLD! He's a rookie that had never pitched that many innings before and ran out of gas. Pineda also had absolutely ZERO offense behind him. Anyone who has ever pitched before knows that when you know you're getting no runs support….you are pitching extra fine. He won't have that problem here.

    A rotation of CC, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda and Garcia will bring another AL East title to the Bronx.

  13. zzz says:


    • hotdog says:

      How is it a huge mistake? Yankees need pitching, they need to find a rotation that will stick together for the next 5 years plus. Montero was not going to be the Yankees regular catcher, at least not anytime soon. His greatest value by far would have been positioning him as a DH. I was looking forward to seeing Montero's bat in the #6 spot. I'd say it's a huge gamble especially for Cashman who will catch a lot of flack if this trade sours but the reality is, nothing is a guarantee. If both work out as expected, the Yankees have the right man!

  14. David K. says:

    Hate to be a party pooper but Pineda sucks. He looks to me like a flash in the pan. Now that he's burst his bubble, Seattle sends him to a really gullible Cashman. Who the hell is going to hit for us now? We can keep our fingers crossed but it sure looks to me like we screwed up our future for the next ten years.

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