A look at where the Yankees roster is right now

For all of the A.J. Burnett trade talk over the past week or so, he’s still on the team and they still haven’t signed Raul Ibanez, Johnny Damon, or Eric Chavez. These moves are still likely, but let’s take a look at the Yankees potential opening day roster as it is set up right now.

STARTING FOUR: CC Sabathia, Michael Pineda, Ivan Nova, and Hiroki Kuroda are locks for the Yankees rotation.

THREE FOR ONE: Until Burnett is traded, he’ll be expected to compete with Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia for the final spot in the rotation.

BULLPEN LOCKS: Mariano Rivera, David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, Boone Logan, and Cory Wade.

STARTING LINEUP: Derek Jeter SS, Curtis Granderson CF, Robinson Cano 2B, Alex Rodriguez 3B, Mark Teixeira 1B, Nick Swisher RF, Russell Martin C, Andruw Jones/Russell Branyan DH, and Brett Gardner LF.

BENCH PIECES: Eduardo Nunez, Francisco Cervelli, Andruw Jones/Russell Branyan, Bill Hall.

26th GUY: Chris Dickerson.

A PAIR OF LEFTIES: Hideki Okajima and Cesar Cabral.

HOW A BURNETT TRADE CAN CHANGE ALL OF THIS: If Burnett is traded the Yankees will likely sign Ibanez and Chavez. That would mean Branyan and Hall would be off the roster. They could then use Burnett’s spot to either carry an extra outfielder (Dickerson) or another lefty.

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10 Responses to A look at where the Yankees roster is right now

  1. encogerse de hombros says:

    If this is the case, then whether AJ is traded or not, the bench will be terrible.

    • El Profesor says:

      Actually the bench would still be good….from last year: Cervelli, Nunez, Chavez and Jones
      The DH would be Ibanez,who can play LF or RF…If Chavez doesn't sign or is injured, then we have Bill Hall or Russell Branyan…If Cervelli has concussion symptoms, then we have Romine

      What would you want instead ??…Remember we can't have All-Stars on the bench. This isn't fantasy baseball.

    • Fred says:

      Well on any given night we'll have one of Jones or Ibanez/Damon on the bench, and while Nunez is by no means a finished product, he has a great bat sometimes. When Jeter was out last year and he saw regular time, he was hitting very well.

      Cervelli is on of the streakiest baseball players I've seen, but he's not terrible for a backup catcher. And his spot may be taken over by Austin Romine if he struggles/gets injured again.

      Its not a phenomenal bench, but it isn't bad. My biggest concern is that Pineda and Kuroda adjust well to the AL East and Yankee Stadium. Big changes for both of them, with Pineda coming from a cave at Safe Co and Kuroda coming from the offensively inept NL West. Hopefully they'll both be fine, but after guys like Pavano and Burnett I'm always leery of incoming pitchers. In theory they'll be fine.

    • Jojo says:

      You think so? Nunez, Chavez, Cervelli and jones/ ibanez would be a great deep bench

      • encogerse de hombros says:

        Nunez is okay, but overrated.
        Chavez did not play well last year–I don't get the obsession.
        Cervelli can't hit, and is prone ot making careless errors.
        Jones is okay if selectively played.
        Ibanez can't hit.

        There bench lacks significant defensive replacements, true offensive threats, or youth, with very few exceptions.

  2. cyril morley says:

    Think ! Nunez, Laird, Cervelli and Jones / Ibanez would be very good of the bench

  3. Scott says:

    Not sure I agree that the #4 spot in the rotation is a lock for Kuroda. I like Hughes better in that slot, and don't count out Betances and/or Banuelos to make an impact this spring and possibly wrestle #4 or #5 away.

    Chavez is a must sign – he has always produced for us off the bench (much better than any of the others listed).

    • NYYinATL says:

      I disagree with most of that!

      Kuroda is more than likely in the #2 SPOT behind CC. They already said that they don't want Pineda there…they would prefer a veteran. Sounds like…. CC, Kuroda, Nova, Pineda and Garcia….with Hughes to the pen where he's already proven several times he's a better pitcher.

      As for Chavez…."he's always produced for us"? He was with us for ONE year and he was injured for the vast majority of it. That being said, he's the best fit out there because he can 3B (when not on the DL) and allow ARod to rest.

  4. Randy says:

    If Burnett goes, I love the flexibility it gives our lineup. We are reasonably protected from injury and will be able to field a first rate offense and defense. Damon, with all his shortcomings, would be a big morale boost for the team and an additional threat on the bases. I vote for Johnny as LDH. Keep Pena, Laird, and Dickerson in Scranton.

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