A-Rod 100 percent headed to spring training

Since re-signing on a 10-year deal four years ago, Alex Rodriguez has been nagged by various injuries, limiting him to just 124 games a year on average during that span. This spring training he is expected to show up “ready to go full speed,” David Waldstein of the NY Times reports.

This is quite significant as A-Rod is coming off of an experimental knee surgery that he had this offseason. The Yankees still haven’t signed Eric Chavez to back him up and there are conflicting reports of whether or not they even have the money budgeted for him.

Regardless of whether they sign Chavez or not, the Yankees will still need to rely on A-Rod this season as he is expected to hit cleanup and be a big part of this offsense. It’s a good sign if he’s healthy now even if it might be unrealistic to think he’ll make it through the entire season unscathed.

OTHER INJURY NOTES: Andruw Jones had minor knee surgery in the offseason, but Brian Cashman seemed unconcerned with it. Francisco Cervelli is 100 percent cleared after last year’s concussion. Rule 5 guy Brad Meyers hurt his shoulder lifting this offseason, hurting his slim chances to make the team. Pedro Feliciano actually showed up in camp with the idea that he might be able to comeback by September (all of that is via Chad Jennings of the Journal News).

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7 Responses to A-Rod 100 percent headed to spring training

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Re: Chavez as backup, that should be no problem, as the Yankees reportedly have signed Ibanez for only $1.1 million. Since they just saved $13 million trading AJ, they should be able to spring for $1 or 2 million to bring back Chavez …

  2. NYYfaninATL says:

    I agree BK. They will only save 5 mill this year with AJ gone….but with Raul at only 1.1 mill, Chavez should be a lay-up.

  3. Zac says:

    Kuroda signing put Yanks over budget, AJ trade got us back where they wanted.

  4. NYYinATL says:

    Yankees aren't NOT going to sign someone they need to save 1 million dude.

  5. Fred says:

    Sure Arod is 100%… of what he's currently capable of being. The question is how close is this fully healthy Arod to the fully healthy monster that was hitting 50 homers a year?

  6. BenchPlayer says:

    Let the youn guys come up. Laird post good defensive numbers and a potent bat at times.

  7. hotdog says:

    Arod's become too fragile. If he stays injury free, he could have a good year. The 50 hr. totals are very unlikely to happen again. If he goes something like 30 hr's, 100 rbi's, .290 average and a .380 obp, I'll be happy.

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