Cashman stalker says GM knew of steroid use

So here is where this takes a turn toward being more baseball related.

The woman accused of stalking and extorting Brian Cashman, Louise Meanwell, has come forward and claimed that Cashman lied to federal investigators about knowledge of the players’ use of steroids when he spoke to them this past June and July, acording to Rocco Parascandola of the NY Daily News. Meanwell even claims to have specific knowledge of dates and times when Cashman found out about steroid use first hand.

If that’s true then it is a pretty serious allegation. The thing is, it’s almost impossible to take this woman at her word as she has been in this situation before. Going as far back as 1998, she has had stalking and harrassment charges brought up against her including from her ex-husband, her daughter, and her psychiatrist, the News reported.

The reason Cashman would have been talking to the feds regarding steroids would be because of his involvement in the Roger Clemens case.

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2 Responses to Cashman stalker says GM knew of steroid use

  1. jay says:

    Why do bad things happen to bad people?

    These are apparently serious allegations especially with the contents of the emails sent to the Feds release.
    How much longer will the Hal and Hank be willing to put up with this before they ask Mr. Cashman to take a leave until this is cleared up?

    Wither way this should teach every one of us to never play with fire like Mr. Cashman has done for the last 5 years with the full knowledge of Ownership. Sometime the fire can really burn you.
    If someone here wants to know how an organization with class would handle a situation like this just look over to New Jersey.
    The Giants ownership would first never allow this to happen in the first place without the Maras telling Mr. Cashman to choose. Either divorce your wife or stop it if not then you are gone..
    We Giant fans all saw how they handle things even when it cost them a chance at a Super Bowl. They remove Buress at once and then released their middle linebacker whose only crime was being there as soon as his contract was up.

    Hey Hal and Hank it is time to remove Mr. Cashman until everything is sorted out. He has disgraced the Yankee his family and now maybe broken the law.

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