Chris Dickerson outrighted to Triple-A

In a move that nobody saw coming, the Yankees announced today that outfielder Chris Dickerson has cleared waivers and has been outrighted to Triple-A.

Because he had no options left, this would have had to happen eventually unless the Yankees planned on using him in the majors all season. Getting it over with now probably enabled the Yankees to sneak him through waivers at a time when teams are too busy with their own rosters to be scouring waivers for another outfielder.

Still it was a surprise though. He’s never going to be a starter with the Yankees, but is a solid 4th outfielder type because he can play all three positions, he runs pretty well, and can hit a little bit. I guess with Raul Ibanez and Andruw Jones already in the mix the Yankees didn’t feel like they would carry him to start the season, might as well get this process over with now.

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  1. gordybravo says:

    I feel for this kid.This kid has talent,if given the chance I know he would do good things.The Yanks don't want to trade him or lose him to waivers because he's there security blanket.He would be a good player for the Yanks on the bench,who do they have on the bench who can pinch run,steal a base,play all three out field spots and cost almost nothing? Trade Garcia and let this kid play for us. We need him more then a spot starter.

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