Damon wondering why he’s not getting offers

Johnny Damon told Jon Heyman of CBS Sports that he doesn’t understand why he hasn’t gotten offers this offseason, particularly from the Yankees as he thinks he’s a perfect fit for a second stint in Pinstripes.

“I think it’s a perfect fit,” Damon told Heyman of the Yankees by phone. “But for some reason you have the year I had, especially with a team that has trouble scoring, and you can’t even get a call to continue playing.”

He also dismissed the idea that he is pressing for 3,000 hits, “It makes for good talk. … Everyone wants to get to the mark. But I never started playing the game for that. I never had any intention of getting to 3,000 hits — it’s never been a driving force for me. I always had the intention of being a good teammate.”

Of course this entire thing comes down to money. Damon is said to want $5 million to play next season. It’s possible he’s softened on that stance, but he didn’t mention that to Heyman. But seriously, if he was that desperate to play the Yankees very likely would have been willing to sign him to a minor league contract rather than Russell Branyan.

In the end the Yankees will probably spend some money on a DH, after they deal A.J. Burnett. They are said to favor Raul Ibanez, but if they can get Damon cheaper they’d probably take him. Again, Damon doesn’t seem to understand why his phone is not ringing – it’s probably because the Yankees don’t like his asking price. If that drops they’ll come calling.

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4 Responses to Damon wondering why he’s not getting offers

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Johnny is the best DH available (including Matsui, Guerrero, and Ibanez). He was also a very good Yankee for the three years he was with us.

    So, as a Yankees fan, I'd be very happy to see Johnny don the pinstripes again.

    As a Damon fan, however, I think he'd be best served by taking a deal with whatever team offers him the most at-bats. Johnny is at most three decent seasons away from 3,000 hits, and 3,000 is a guaranteed trip to the HOF (barring drug or gambling problems, which I haven't heard Damon has). He'd be selling himself short going for anything less.

  2. gordybravo says:

    Damon has to stop putting the money first.He had a good thing going when he was last with the Yankees,and let Boras and the Money get in the way.Hay I'm not saying play for nothing but these are your last years,play for your Legacy .These are the Yankees play well,make some history and the Money will be there.

    • Bronx_Knight says:

      I agree with you, Gordy, but, by their very nature, pro athletes tend to have big egos, and sometimes those egos cloud out big picture stuff like legacy.

      But in this case, it might just be Johnny's legacy that is getting in the way. He is close to 3,000 hits and needs lots of at-bats for the next 3 years to get there. Given A-Rod's and Jeet's age and need for frequent rest in the DH slot, could Johnny get those at-bats with the Yankees? Seems doubtful.

      He said recently that he's not thinking about 3,000 hits, but what player in his shoes wouldn't be thinking about it?

  3. Mark says:

    Also the Yankees offered him 2yrs/$14mill the year he left for Det for a 1yr/$8mill and then got a 1yr/$5mill from TB last year. It's definitely about the money for him, which sucks, because I liked what he brought to the lineup at the leadoff spot.

    The funny part is he made less the last two years than what the Yankees offered and now he wants the Yankees to set up to the plate, after he spurned them two years ago. If I'm the Yankees, I'd tell him there is a 1yr/$1mill offer on the table with another $1mill in incentives. Take it or leave it. Knowing Damon, he'll leave it.

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