Quote: Girardi wants another bat

The Yankees haven’t done much since they landed Michael Pineda in a trade, but the general assumption was that they would add a DH and maybe even another backup infielder.

Count Joe Girardi among those that will be upset if they stand pat between now and the start of the season. This is what he told Bryan Hoch of MLB.com:

“I think it will be helpful; I do,” Girardi said at Modell’s Sporting Goods in Times Square. “I think we’ve had a good offseason; I think Brian has done a really good job this offseason in what he’s done. But I think it’s important to our club that you add that other bat. The American League is going to be tough.

“When you think about Raul Ibanez, he has had success wherever he has [gone]. There could be other things that could happen; I can’t tell you it is going to be one of those three guys, or anyone. But obviously, we know they know how to play here.”

Girardi said that he wanted a left-handed bat to help out at DH and mentioned Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui along with Ibanez as possibile candidates.

On getting a lefty, Girardi added, “It doesn’t have to be, but it does make some sense.”

“Obviously, we know what Johnny and Matty have meant to this organization over the years, and how they’ve been successful in New York,” Girardi said. “I’m curious to see how it is all going to shake out.”

Brian Cashman has said that he would prefer to add a bat by trading one of his excess starters, but they would probably add a veteran if they couldn’t make a deal or if one of them agreed to play on a non-guaranteed contract.

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4 Responses to Quote: Girardi wants another bat

  1. Tanned Tom says:

    Ugh! Damon, Matsui or Ibanez? Average age what, 45? Matsui is shot, Damon's in serious decline and Ibanez has to cheat to hit the fastball now, he can longer has the reaction time. It's one thing to pick pitchers up off the scrap heap, they can learn to compensate for their dimished stuff. A hitter can't adjust as easily, usually they get worse until they can't hack it anymore.

  2. Ding Darling says:

    What we need is a new manager. It doesn't matter if he is left-handed or right-handed. Joe must go.

  3. Bronx_Knight says:

    I haven't been following Johnny much since he left NY; since he had been on a downward track while he was here, especially defensively, I assumed he must suck now. To my surprise, that's not the case. He's been very durable, playing 150 games with the Rays last year, and at least 140 all the way back to his second season. He still has some power, with 16 HR last year, and some speed, with 19 SB on 25 attempts. His offensive line read .BA 261 OBP .326 SLG .418, less than his career numbers but still respectable, especially given that he was playing in Tampa. He can still play some left field (17 games for Tampa last year); his speed lets him reach playable balls, but his wet noodle of an arm means he won't be able to do much to stop runners.
    Johnny's offensive numbers are much better than Matsui's or Ibanez's, each of whom hit around .250 but had OBP of around .290.
    The problem with all of these guys is that they are all basically backup or emergency outfielders, and what we really need is a good backup infielder. Plus apparently Matsui and Damon want too much money. Johnny made $5.25M this year playing for Tampa, so I don't see him taking $2M from the Yankees.
    At least one reader has suggested trying to swap Burnett for Soriano. If the Cubs would actually go for it, that might not be a bad idea. Sori has no more speed and he can't hit that well either (BA .245 OBP .289), but he still has power, with 26 HR and a SLG of .469. Soriano's also a pretty good leftfielder, with a strong arm.
    So Sori and Johnny offer pretty similar offensive value, but Sori can still field. Plus of course Soriano used to be a second baseman. He hasn't regularly played that position since 2005 (there's a reason for that), but he has a good arm and if he could play third base without embarrassing himself, then he could spot A-Rod, which is really what we need.
    Of course, Sori is a right-hander, and we really need a left-handed bat to complement Jones. But Sori's numbers against RHP are not bad, BA .235 with plenty of power, 19 HR in 357 AB, or about 1 HR for every 20 at-bats.
    The biggest thing would be that trading for Sori would let us unload Burnett. Sori's contract is horrific; he's owed $18M a year for three more years. But Burnett is owed $16.5 for two years. So for those two years, we would be paying Sori only $1.5M more than we'd be paying Burnett, which is within our $2M budget for a DH. The Cubs would have to agree to eat some big number in 2014.
    I guess that last year is the killer. Even if the Cubs agreed to pay $9M for the last year, would you want to pay Sori $9M in 2014? I guess not.
    But, food for thought …

  4. NYYinATL says:

    Forget lefty or righty. Yankees have anough lefty bats anyway. Get the best HITTER left to sign….and that is clearly VLAD.

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