Quote: Swisher worked with NFL trainers and psychologist in offseason

Guys workout in different and sometimes creative ways during the offseason so hearing that Nick Swisher worked with NFL trainers during the offseason is no big deal. But because Swisher is not your typical player it is interesting to hear that he worked with a sports psychologist during the offseason.

“It’s one thing to be in great physical shape, but anybody can do that if they work hard enough,” Swisher said to Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. “The mental game is something you can always improve, because there isn’t really a point where you can ever be mentally prepared enough.

“When you talk to these guys, they start spinning your mind and making you think of things you normally wouldn’t think of. I wanted to work on all the things I was bad at; my mental game was something I wanted to get better.”

“Last year was super-stressful for me and I’m just not going to do that this year, man,” Swisher said. “That’s not going to be my style, because I know that when I’m having fun and I’m being myself, that’s when I play my best.”

Two things Swisher did wrong last year that he would like to see corrected are starting off so slowly and then tanking in the playoffs. In his first 46 games last year, he had a low .321 OBP and a very low .609 OPS. Then in five playoff games he was even worse with a .250 OBP and a .618 OPS. If he can turn those stats around he’s primed for a big offseason when he reaches free agency for the first time in his career.

Will his offseason workout regimine and tripes to the psychologist help to achieve that? Well it can’t hurt.

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  1. NYYinATL says:

    Hard not to cheer for this guy. He just seems like a good dude and his upbeat yet self depricating attitude is refreshing.

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