Rumor: 3000 hits may be keeping Damon from a job

Wondering why former Yankee Johnny Damon doesn’t have a job yet? It may be because of his pursuit of 3,000 hits, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Apparently executives from at least three teams have told Sherman that they are concerned he is too fixed on 3,000 and is sacrificing his typical solid, patient at bats to get a few more hits. He is getting older so it is likely just his reflexes slowing down, but the mere perception is enough to keep him from getting a job.

There is also fear that Damon might become disruptive if he does not get the playing time needed to reach 3,000. This was a concern with the Yankees a year ago when they didn’t seriously consider Damon worried that they wouldn’t have enough playing time for him. That could end up being the case again this year as he would merely be part of a DH platoon with Andruw Jones, only getting at bats against righties.

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One Response to Rumor: 3000 hits may be keeping Damon from a job

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Interesting theory. Damon currently has 2,723 hits. He's gotten 144 or more hits each of the past five seasons, including 152 last year. His walk count did drop last year, to 51, 18 lower than 2010. Could be a sign that he's pressing, or could just be a one-year blip.

    If Damon IS on a quest for 3,000 (and based on his consistent performance over the past 15 years, he seems to have a very good shot), it would seem to me that would make him more desirable for a team, not less. Magic numbers like 3,000 hits fill seats, especially for a popular player like Johnny. All things being equal, it'd be nice to see him get 3,000 at Yankee Stadium.

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