Rumor: Yankees and Martin call off extension talks

The Yankees and Russell Martin re-kindled talks of a three-year contract extension this week, but have quickly abandoned those talks and have decided to wait until after the season, according to Andrew Marchand of

The two sides had started talks of a multi-year extension much earlier this offseason, but ultimately agreed on a one-year $7.5 million deal plus incentives to avoid arbitration. Talks started back up again this week and the Yankees reportedly proposed a three-year deal in the $20 million range that would have included this season.

However, Martin is looking for a raise on the $7.5 million, probably something more in the $24-$30 million range. It appears that the gap between what the Yankees are willing to offer and what he is looking for is too big to gap right now. The two sides will wait until after the season when Martin is a free agent. He should be, along with Miguel Montero, one of the top sought after catchers on the market.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Yankees and Martin call off extension talks

  1. Mike Sommer says:

    Just playing devils' advocate here, but isn't Yadier Molina a FA after this season?

    • You are right. I even mentioned him the other day. He would probably be the most sought after (depending on how 2012 goes of course).

      • Matt_DC says:

        Wouldn't a lot hinge on how Sanchez progresses? If they are still high on him in the winter I doubt they'd pay up in years/money to sign Molina. Then again you never know. They did sign Giambi with Nick Johnson waiting in the wings. Either way, I hope they keep Martin. Likeable Yankee and good ballplayer.

  2. Keena says:

    Martin is a good defensive catcher, a decent enough hitter and eye candy for us ladies. Sign him now!~

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