Rumor: Yankees and Martin dicussing 3-year deal

Earlier this week, Yankees catcher Russell Martin revealed that the Yankees had approached him about a three-year extension earlier this offseason, but he made it sound like they didn’t make a very appealing offer and he quickly rejected it.

He eventually signed a one-year agreement worth $7.5 million, but the Yankees have recently proposed scratching that deal and going after a three year deal instead, according to Andrew Marchand of

An extension at this time, especially one that keeps Martin in Pinstripes through 2014, makes sense at this time. Jesus Montero is now out of the picture and Austin Romine doesn’t appear to have the potential he once appeared to have. It also gives them payroll flexibility as they try to get it to under $189 million by 2014.

Martin probably has most of the leverage though. He had a decent season last year and is a year away from being one of the best catchers on the free agent market, probably the best if Yadier Molina signs an extension with the Cardinals, which the two sides have been discussing. If Martin has another good year in 2012 and he is the top catcher on the market, he could stand to make a decent amount next season.

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