Rumor: Yankees have serious interest in Jorge Soler

The Yankees might not have been interested in one Cuban outfielder, but there is another one that they do have interest in. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, the Yankees have serious interest in 18-year-old Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler.

It makes sense that the Yankees would be interested. They don’t have any talented outfielders in the upper levels of their system and the new collective bargaining agreement will limit the amount of money they can spend on international free agents starting this July.

Despite published reports that Soler has signed with the Cubs he obviously hasn’t. But there are still plenty of teams out there interested in him. So just because the Yankees have interest there is no guarantee of anything.

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One Response to Rumor: Yankees have serious interest in Jorge Soler

  1. hugh says:

    As long as Hank runs the Yankees they will never win big again. He is the rebirth of CBS owning the Yankees.
    They are just interested in the money and profit but more profit is needed. Signing this kid makes alot of since. If he is not ready they can wait but they won't sign him.

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