Rumor: Yankees prefer Ibanez and Chavez

Now that the Yankees and Pirates have agreed to a deal that will send A.J. Burnett to Pittsburgh the Yankees are ready to move on to adding a left handed hitting DH and a backup third baseman.

There are a few options on the table at this point, but the Yankees prefer Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports.

Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui are also in the mix as is the right handed hitting Vladimir Guerrero, who has let it be known that he wants the Yankees DH job, might also be in the mix as well.

The Yankees said they prefer a DH who can occasionally play in the field, but this very well could come down to money. They saved $13 million by sending Burnett to Pittsburgh, but that doesn’t mean they’ll spend all of it. GM Brian Cashman needed permission to add payroll to sign Hiroki Kuroda and now that they’ve saved some on the Burnett deal they may just pocket a chunk of the extra cash.

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7 Responses to Rumor: Yankees prefer Ibanez and Chavez

  1. Fred says:

    I guess they prefer Ibanez just because of Damon's noodle arm? Its the only thing that makes sense to me, because otherwise Damon is clearly a better player. Could just be the money as well I suppose

    • Randy says:

      I thought it was the "noodle arm" also. But now people are saying his pursuit of 3000 hits is making him a less patient hitter and hurting his OBP. I thnk you hire Damon on his athleticism and being able to stay healthy.

  2. NYYinATL says:

    I don't get it either in all honesty. I would rather have Johnny or Vlad in a heartbeat.

    Yankees will save 6.5 mill this year. That should be enough to add JD/Vlad & Chavez.

    If they do get Ibanez, it should at least be for much less…and hopefully that affords them Mike Gonzales too. They could use another lefty in the pen.

    • Gonzalo says:

      I really like NYYinATL, idea, If we are going for the cheapest one between Damon and Ibanez definitely they should bring Mike Gonzalez,
      It's more than obvious that Logan can't do it alone. Last time we won the world series during the playoffs Damaso was awesome and during the regular season Coke had a decent year, 2 good proved lefties imrpove the team a lot.

  3. gordybravo says:

    You want Power from your DH,and Raul Ibanez gives you that and can play the outfield without the noodle arm.I don't know,I like Branyan DHing and coming off the bench,with Hall as the forth outfielder.I know Kevin Long can help Branyan, and he won't complain when his atbats are cut to give Jeter and A-Rod their turns at DHing.I know Damon won't be so happy if he were the DH.Plus he wants 5mill.Cashman knows what he's doing.

  4. Tanned Tom says:

    I can't believe Cashman prefers Ibanez, who had an OBP last year of .289 (!) and is barely passable in left field over Damon. We all know Damon's plusses amd minusses, but let's look Ibanez. Alot of scouts will tell you he "cheats" on fastballs now. Meaning he committs early to swinging on a fastball count, usually swinging at the first pitch. This has two very bad ramifications. 1) it leaves him completely exposed to a curveball or change up thrown for a strike. 2) it severely reduces the number of walks a hitter can draw. Over the course of his career his KO/BB ratio is 2 to 1, last year it was over 3 to 1. Reducing walks by 50% is a sure sign that pitchers recognize his decline and are not giving in to him. This and his complete lack of speed on the bases make him less valuable than Damon. Cashman must be betting on a resurgence, bad bet on a mid-30's hitter.

  5. Sandysmom says:

    I think that they will get Chavez. They've said all along that they wanted him back.

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