Rumor: Yankees signing Jorge Soler would be a surprise

With a limit on spending on international free agents coming up this season it seems like the perfect time for the Yankees to make a splash. However, one hasn’t come and ESPN Deportes’ Jorge Arangure would be surprised if the Yankees finally made a splash by signing Cuban outfielder Jorge Soler.

“Again, not saying the Yankees definitely won’t sign Soler, just saying I would be very surprised…Especially if price tag is in mid 20ms,” Arangure tweeted.

Soler’s compatriot, the 26-year-old Yoenis Cespedes, landed himself a four-year $36 million deal from the Oakland Athletics. Soler is different because he is only 19 so he will need a few years in the minors first. But he is said to have superior tools compared to Cespedes. So his contract isn’t likely to be as big, but it certainly could be sizable.

There doesn’t seem to be a big reason for the Yankees to backoff here. They are trying to keep salary costs down, but as a minor leaguer his salary will not count toward the luxury tax. If he’s successful down the road it could actually help keep costs down too as he would be cheaper than a free agent signing.

Again, with the new collective bargaining agreement severely limiting the Yankees ability to spend on international free agents they will be saving a ton of money each year. Why not spend some of that money they will save on Soler?

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  1. Train says:

    It's funny how MLB steps in everything a teams does. But won't step in to limit the signing for these Call oversea players. They should be a limit to what a team should pay for these players. and let the agent and player decide which team they are going. instead of going for the money. These over sea players make a serious killing. Only a few really earn their Money.

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