Rumor: Yankees still involved in Damon talks

The Yankees have denied interest in Johnny Damon, perhaps it is because of his asking price, but according to Jim Bowden of ESPN XM Radio, they are one of four teams that are still in play for the veteran outfielder.

The thing is that the Yankees don’t have a lot of money to spend on the open market which is why they prefer to acquire a bat via a trade for one of their excess starting pitchers. If they do have to face the free agent market, they have more than a couple of choices to choose from. So if Damon is going to stick to his asking price of $5 million than he may be pricing himself out of the Bronx.

Position players have to report to spring training by Feb. 25 so there are just 19 days left before then. That’s not a hard deadline, but both sides will likely want something done by then. My guess is that the Yankees will put an offer on the table for a few DH types, maybe Damon and say Raul Ibanez, and the first one to accept it will end up in Pinstripes. With just 19 days before spring training starts one might get desperate and accept a low-ball offer.

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4 Responses to Rumor: Yankees still involved in Damon talks

  1. Scooter says:

    Let's do it….sign either Damon, Matsui, or Ibanez. All of them would work well in the Yanks lineup. We need to also lock up Chavez and the team is ready for Spring. 19 days and counting…..

  2. Tanned Tom says:

    Forget those old guys. Matsui is shot, Damon is in serious decline, and Ibanez was terrible last year – an OBP of .289? Are you kidding? How about someone not well past their prime. Use the DH to rest the older players, and pick up a left handed 3B to spell Rodriguez.

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