Rumor: Yankees still trying to trade AJ to add Chavez and DH

The Yankees just signed Bill Hall and supposedly only have $2 million to spend, but that they don’t still have big plans for the rest of this offseason.

Joel Sherman of the NY Post has reported that the Yankees are “quietly, but diligently” trying to trade A.J. Burnett with the idea that they could use the money they save on him to add both Eric Chavez and another DH.

Last night’s signing of Hall appeared to end their quest to sign Chavez, but Hall only signed a minor league contract so the Yankees don’t risk losing any money if he doesn’t make the team.

Trading Burnett will be no easy task even if, as Sherman suggests, they eat $25 million of the $33 million he is owed. So the question becomes, if the Yankees can’t trade Burnett do they go after another DH or Chavez?

The DH would be in the lineup on a regular basis so that signing may be the more likely one, but Chavez could potentially fill that role as well while backing up Alex Rodriguez. However, Chavez’s injury history could be more than enough reason not to sign him.

Whatever happens, this once quiet offseason is not over yet and it appears the Yankees are desperate to make another splash by trading Burnett.

Ideally they could land a DH-type for Burnett, but if not they have also considered Raul Ibanez, Johnny Damon, and Hideki Matsui for the role.

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15 Responses to Rumor: Yankees still trying to trade AJ to add Chavez and DH

  1. Alan Carter says:

    If they can deal AJ by eating "only" $25 mil they should consider themselves blessed. He can still pitch, but needs a change of address. Bundle AJ, the $$$, Nova and a ML prospect like JR Murphy or Santana and make a play for Billy Butler. He may be even better than Montero and is a Yankee type hitter, with power and patience. Oswalt on a 1 year deal would be great also, with both he and Kuroda on 1 year deals they won't affect the 2013 luxury tax that Prince Hal so dreads.

    • jay says:

      That is a lot of money for the Yankees to eat. Do you think that Mr Cashman should have to get a taste at least

      Last season he was responsible for 17 million dollars worth of left handed pitching that did throw a pitch for the Yankees (marte, Feliciano and Igawa when you pro rate his posting bonus) If the Yanks did not have these guy on the payroll their tax would have been 22% instead of 40%.

      Mr. Cashman knows how to flush Yankee money down the toilet doesn't he.

    • Marc Perez says:

      Butler is a solid player, but there's no way he would ever fetch that much in a trade.

    • KJJJJ says:

      What are you smoking?

  2. Mike Sommer says:

    Yanks sign Russell Branyan to a minor league deal.

  3. Tanned Tom says:

    Any proposal to trade Nova is idiocy. This isn't your fantasy league. And signing Oswalt would seem to be contra-indicated. You may have read or heard, but the team already has too many starters, that's why they're shopping Burnett so hard.
    As for the backup 3B, I hate Hall and think that signing is useless. Chavez is exactly what we're looking for, IF HE CAN STAY HEALTHY. On the DH front, Ibanez had an OBP of .289 last year. Sounds like he is done. He's 40 so it's not surprising. Matsui is shot, making Damon the best of this bunch. As for who we want back from the Pirates, to me it doesn't matter. They take Burnett, they can send us a AA player or almost anyone.

    • NYYinATL says:

      I agree with you….that proposal from Carter above is absolutely idiotic.

    • Mike Sommer says:

      Interesting suggestion by Buster Olney of Garrett Jones from the Pirates on Twitter…

      • Jones is a good idea to me. His career OBP against righties is .354, OPS is .838. That's solid. Combine that with Andruw Jones and the Yankees would have one hell of a Jones DH platoon.

        • Mike Sommer says:

          As you probably have seen via the Internet or Baseball Tonight, the Yanks have a great deal of interest in Garrett Jones and would love to dump A.J. on the Buccos (picking up a lot of salary in the process). The Pirates aren't biting, though.

  4. steve e. says:

    Billy Butler would make the Yankee offense almost illegal. They'll score at will and only stop scoring when they get tired. Already they have a good righty/lefty DH duo in Hall/Branyan or Jones/Branyan. But Butler would make the Yankee offense lights out.

  5. Just to set the record straight, Billy Butler is not on the trade market so there really is no reason to speculate on him. The only reason his name even came up at all this winter is because of a rumor that was started on Bleacher Report, which is one of the worst sports sites to get your news from on the net.

    So speculating on Butler seems like a complete and total waste of time to me.

  6. Tanned Tom says:

    If the Pirates will swap Garrett Jones for Burnett, I say Yes! He's 30, so maybe Pittsburgh is ready to give up on him. He hits righties okay, with decent power, and he makes very little. As a 5th OF, we should be able to rest Swisher and see if his October performance improves. But the team still needs a legit 3B backup, and that is not Bill Hall. A guy who "hits" .211 is not the solution to anything.

  7. Shavager says:

    The way it looks, Yanks are stuck with Burnette and Chavez will likely be the DH even though Damon's a better choice for the hitting spot. Any notion of trading Nova is crazy unless Yankees get a quality starter in return. Behind CC, Nova is next man up as dependable as a starter.

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