Rumors: Yankees and Pirates getting closer to A.J. Burnett deal 7

A couple of major hurdles have been cleared in a potential A.J. Burnett deal with the Pirates since this morning.

The Yankees and Pirates have apparently settled on a deal where the Pirates will pay between $13 and $15 million of the $33 million Burnett is owed over the next two seasons, according to Andrew Marchand of

The final number will depend on which prospects the two sides settle on. According to Ken Davidoff of Newsday, the Pirates know which prospects, B-level prospects, they would send over if they pay $13 million. If the Pirates paid $15 million the Yankees would have to accept worse prospects.

A deal is expected to be done by Saturday as pitchers and catchers report on Sunday and the Yankees would rather not have to face the awkwardness of having to face A.J. after trying so aggressively to trade him this offseason.

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7 thoughts on “Rumors: Yankees and Pirates getting closer to A.J. Burnett deal

  • NYYinATL

    Honestly…..who gives a crap about the prospects at this point?? A B or C prospect making the show and having an impact is not going to happen. So take the max salary relief and box of Tastycakes and use the money to shore up the bench before the Pirates change their minds!

    • Tanned Tom

      It makes a big difference, and I want him gone as much as anybody. B prospects don't make an impact? Robinson Cano was a B prospect, so was Ivan Nova. And way back when there was this B prospect pitcher who was regarded as just so-so, they tried him as a starter and he stunk, a 5.51 ERA , a K/bb ratio below 2, a ton of HRs, you get the picture. So they sent him to the bullpen, and then I lost track of him, I can't quite even recall his name … Mariano something or other. What ever happened to him?
      So yeah, the quality of the prospects matter.

      • NYYinATL

        It's already been said on every thread that the prospects coming back are crap at best. This is the Pirates we're talking about here dude. Point again….money or "fringe prospects"….at this point, just take the money! They're not negotiating for Gerrit Cole. These are non-roster type of guys here.

  • Bronx_Knight

    Let's see, $33 million – $13 million is $20 million. OK, pay the $20 million and take the B prospects. I never thought we could get rid of A(lbatross) J. Burnett at any price. Take this deal and run!

  • Mike Sommer

    Per Twitter accounts and reports, it looks like Pittsburgh will pick up $13 million of the A.J. deal. The Yanks will pick up $20 million. It still needs to go to Selig today or tomorrow, with A.J. taking his physical for Pittsburgh on Sunday. Joel Sherman reports that one of the two players the Yanks will get is RHP Diego Moreno (25), who was 2-4, 3.63, 5 saves between A+ and AA last year and who has a minor league record of 11-9, 2.41, and 15 saves. It looks like Moreno would then go to Tampa (A+) or Trenton (AA).

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