Yankees 2011/2012 offseason review

The Yankees went into this offseason without a lot of holes in the roster. The entire lineup was expected to return, except for Jorge Posada who was expected to be replaced by Jesus Montero.

Of course Montero got traded. After all, the Yankees had a few free agents, none of them were major though, and most of them were re-signed. The only real task they had this offseason was to upgrade the rotation and Montero was sacrificed in the name of that.

It took a while to get to the point of that trade though. Before then it was easy to get impatient as the Yankees talked with virtually every free agent, but didn’t have serious interest in almost any of them. The only major contract they handed out this offseason was to Hiroki Kuroda and they didn’t hand out a single multi-year deal aside from CC’s extension. Other than that, they went cheap or addressed the team through trade.

It wasn’t the most glamorous offseason, they didn’t land Albert Pujols or Yu Darvish, but they were a 97 win team last season with the bulk of the roster returning. They didn’t really have to do much, just tweak here and there.

Here is how the Yankees changed in the offseason:

FREE AGENTS SIGNED: Hiroki Kuroda ($10M), Raul Ibanez ($1.1M), Bill Hall (MiLB deal), Russell Branyan (MiLB deal), Clay Rapada (MiLB deal), David Aardsma ($500K plus option), Manny Delcarmen (MiLB deal), LHP Mike O’Connor (MiLB).

FREE AGENTS RE-SIGNED: Andruw Jones ($2M), Freddy Garcia ($5M), Eric Chavez ($900K), Cory Wade ($509K), Jayson Nix (MiLB deal), Dewayne Wise (MiLB deal).

FREE AGENTS LOST: Jorge Posada (retired), Bartolo Colon (A’s), Aaron Laffey (Blue Jays), Scott Proctor (free agent), Raul Valdes (Phillies), Andrew Brackman (Reds), Kei Igawa (free agent), Mark Prior (free agent), Greg Golson (Royals).

PLAYERS GAINED IN TRADE: Michael Pineda (from Mariners), RHP Jose Campos (from Mariners), RHP Diego Moreno (from Pirates), OF Exicardo Cayones (from Pirates).

PLAYERS LOST IN TRADE: Jesus Montero (to Mariners), Hector Noesi (to Mariners), A.J. Burnett (to Pirates)(Yankees will pay $20M remaining on contract).


OPTIONS EXERCISED: Robinson Cano ($14M), Nick Swisher ($10.25).

EXTENSION SIGNED: CC Sabathia (2/YRS, $50M).

BIDDING RIGHTS TO JAPANESE INFIELDER’S WON AND LOST: Hiroyuki Nakajima ($2M bid, did not sign).

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  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Nice overview.

    There was a lot of angst for a while this offseason. Cashman played his cards close to the vest and demonstrated a lot of patience, and I think prudence, in filling gaps without spending a lot of money. Given the belt-tightening directives from the owners, I think it was a pretty successful offseason.

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