Yankees and Pirates agree on Burnett deal

The Yankees and the Pirates have finally agreed on a deal that sends A.J. Burnett to Pittsburgh and in return they pay $13 million of the $33 million he is owed over the next two years and the Yankees get a pair of low level prospects as well, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The deal hasn’t been sent to the commissioners office yet as Rosenthal reports that there is still one minor detail to take care of, but it seems like this is finally the end of more than a week of serious rumors. The deal is still pending a physical which Burnett will presumably take on Sunday in the Pirates camp.

The Yankees have been aggressive all winter in trying to trade Burnett after back-to-back bad seasons. They upped their efforts after they landed Michael Pineda in a trade, making Burnett the No. 7 starter.

Burnett had a limited no trade clause that blocked potential deals to 10 teams. That came into play as the Yankees had a deal to send him to the Angels for Bobby Abreu, but Burnett nixed the deal because his wife, who is from Baltimore, refuses to fly to it was necessary that he stay near the east coast. So the Yankees had to take what they could get and the Pirates, who had been trying to add multiple free agents, were the only serious caller for his services.

The money was the biggest issue for the Yankees as they wanted somebody to pay as much of the $33 million Burnett is still owed as possible. Now they will turn around and spend that money on a left hand hitting DH and probably Eric Chavez as well. That will come over the next couple of days, but it was important to get this deal done by Saturday as pitchers and catchers are due to report on Sunday and the Yankees didn’t want an awkward situation in camp with A.J. showing up after they desperately tried to trade him all offseason.

Now that appears done. The two sides just have to hammer out that final detail, submit the deal to the commissioners office for approval, and then the Yankees can turn their attention toward adding the final two pieces of their roster.

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2 Responses to Yankees and Pirates agree on Burnett deal

  1. Marc Perez says:

    Diego Moreno appears to be one of the prospects the Yanks will get in return

    • ken says:

      with the pressure off a.j. from the big apple, i would not be surprised to see him win 20 for k.c. plus a.j. has been maligned too much, he's not the worst free agent pitcher by far, that distinction goes to angels pitcher andy messersmith, who was the very first free agent. n.y. paid a ton for nothing, he never pitched for n.y. due to injuries. top that !!!!!!!!!!!!

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