Yankees kept Cervelli out of winter ball 6

A concussion after a collision at home plate against the Orioles knocked Francisco Cervelli out for most of the final month of the year last season and it also kept him out of winter ball, according to George King of the NY Post.

Cervelli apparently stopped feeling the symptoms of the concussion after just two weeks, but because he has had a few in the past, the Yankees decided to keep him out of playing winter ball as a precaution. Instead he went to workout with Robinson Cano for a couple of weeks.

The Yankees have not tried to trade Cervelli this offseason despite the fact that Austin Romine, who filled in for him last September, is on the doorstep of the major leagues. So Cervelli will likely be the backup to Russell Martin this season with Romine starting the year in Triple-A. If there is a need at the trade deadline, Cervelli may make a decent trade chip.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees kept Cervelli out of winter ball

  • john

    Maybe Im wrong but isnt he CCs personal catcher now? The big guys numbers went down when Cervelli went down
    I could be wrong

  • Tony

    Well Franky needs to be at 100 percent becasue Martin goes down they need him to step it up in that case
    Lets hope that never happens

  • Rafael Santori

    Cervelli in addition to be a back for Martin, could be in case of an emergency during a game could be a third base replacement.

  • Frank Spero

    i'm persoally glad they kept cervelli i like him i thunk he's a good guy and when he's hot he's a pretty good hitter

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