Yankees non-baseball related news: Divorce, Concerts, and Perfume

It’s been a slow news week so far this week. I’m going to start getting into prospects soon to liven things up. First I thought I would pass along some non-baseball news that I am not terribly interested in, but have been getting emails asking me about them.


  • It all started when a woman whom Brian Cashman may have been seeing on the side, was arrested for stalking (link).
  • Cashman’s wife then filed for a divorce (link).
  • Cashman has been playing the victim, but the woman involved said he’s lying (link).
  • This thing has already gotten ugly, but Cashman’s job may not be in jeopardy as the Yankees are supporting him 100 percent (link).


    • Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was scheduled for one concert at Yankee Stadium on July 6. He added a second show on July 7 as well (link).
    • Madonna will also perform at Yankee Stadium this summer on Sept. 6 (link).


  • Derek Jeter has his cologne, “Driven”, and now the Yankees have a cologne of their own. They will unveil “New York Yankees” and “New York Yankees for Her” on Feb. 21 (link).

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4 Responses to Yankees non-baseball related news: Divorce, Concerts, and Perfume

  1. Bronx_Knight says:

    Jeter's cologne is described as smelling like a combination of sweat, old leather, an stale lockers, with a subtle overlay of fancy gift baskets.

  2. AnthonyA says:

    Let's talk about some real issues! Is parking going up again? Because decent tailgating is going to get very expensive if they don't figure things out!

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  4. James says:

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