Yankees not interested in Scott Kazmir

As shown by the David Aardsma signing, the Yankees look into every possibility when it comes to finding a pitcher, but in the case of Scott Kazmir they aren’t interested, according to Joel Sherman of the NY Post.

Kazmir, now 28, used to be a big time prospect with a fastball in the upper-90’s. However, these days injuries have sapped him of all that electric stuff and that once blazing fastball is sitting in the mid-80’s.

Kazmir has only once thrown as many as 200 innings in his entire career and hasn’t even had a successful portion of a season since 2008 when he had a 3.49 ERA. Due to injuries though he only tossed 152.1 innings that year. So while his potential may be tempting, even in his best days he never lived up to his hype.

He has been throwing in front of teams lately trying to find himself a job, but so far he has had no luck. The best indications are that he may have another go around with the pathetic Mets.

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One Response to Yankees not interested in Scott Kazmir

  1. john says:

    I always felt he was overrated myself.
    A left handed Kerry Wood.
    The only thing I ever see him doing is being a lefty specialist Loogy I guess.
    But hed probably get hurt doing that.

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