Best Case Scenario: Joba back on the mound by July

While most of the news yesterday was doom and gloom, it appears there is hope for Joba Chamberlain pitching this season after all.

Joba told Brian Cashman that doctors have told him that the best case scenario is that he is healed and back on a mound by July, according to Chad Jennings of the Journal News.

There is a catch to that though. Joba is still very prone to infection with this type of injury and if he gets one than we’re back in doom and gloom territory. However, if he manages to avoid it than things will be going his way. How soon he leaves the hospital will be a good sign of what to expect.

“If he gets out (of the hospital) today or tomorrow, that would be extremely positive,” Cashman told Jennings.

Of course, being back on a mound by July doesn’t mean back in the Bronx by July. It means he could begin a slow rehab back from a nasty ankle injury while he still has to finish up rehabbing his arm from Tommy John Surgery. Still, it’s a good sign and even getting back into rehab games would go a long way in avoiding being non-tendered the following offseason.

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