Cashman concerned as he awaits Pineda’s MRI results

Michael Pineda pitched yesterday with pain in his shoulder and considering the huge negative impact shoulder injuries often have on pitchers the Yankees are concerned about him as they await MRI results.

“I have concern,” Yankees GM Brian Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “Any time a pitcher talks about his shoulder I have concern. His velocity is down, so you put those two together and it obviously causes that level of concern. … We’ve asked him all spring, and he’s said he’s been fine. But it’s not like I sat him down now, stuck a light in his face and said, ‘Tell me now, in the last five weeks (has the shoulder hurt)?’ I don’t know. I know we’ve asked him all spring, and he’s said he’s been fine, that he’s healthy and feels good. Tonight, after he came out of his start, he talked about his shoulder being tight in the back.”

I have resisted the direct comparison to Phil Hughes all spring trying to give Pineda the benefit of the doubt as he tried to build up arm strength. However, this situation has come to a head. Maybe he didn’t feel it until Friday night, but there is something wrong with his shoulder. Hopefully, like Hughes, it just requires rest and rehab otherwise he may never live up to his potential.

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One Response to Cashman concerned as he awaits Pineda’s MRI results

  1. Joe says:

    IMO this is just a perfectly timed ploy by Pineda most likely on the advisement of his agent(& maybe even the Yankees)to take some attention off his poor conditioning and also to cut him some slack on whats been a poor spring. I'll guarantee the MRI comes back negative.

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