Freddy Garcia: I’m ready for the bullpen

With six pitchers fighting for five rotation spots and Phil Hughes seemingly on track to win the last spot it likely means that Freddy Garcia is the odd man out.

Of course he’d prefer the bullpen, but Sweaty Freddy said that he doesn’t regret re-signing with the Yankees because he likes it in the Bronx and that he’s ready to pitch out of the bullpen if needed.

“I have never pitched in the bullpen, but I feel fine [with] whatever happens,” Garcia told George King of the NY Post. “I will be ready for anything. It’s the manager’s decision and I have to do my job and go from there.”

Glad to hear Garcia is still happy to be with the Yankees even after the starting pitching shakeup left him on the outside looking in. He’s a veteran who probably knows that he’s not going to have many more chances to win in his career. He also probably knows that the Yankees won’t make it through the season using just five starting pitchers. He’ll get his chance eventually either due to injuries or ineffectiveness.

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9 Responses to Freddy Garcia: I’m ready for the bullpen

  1. Matt_DC says:

    The Yankees have done a good job of bringing in veterans like Freddy, along with Colon, Andruw Jones, and Eric Chavez, that just seem happy to play in the Bronx. The Yankees have such a calmer group than they did when surly veterans like Randy Johnson and Kevin Brown stalking the clubhouse.

  2. Fred says:

    Wow, this speaks volumes about his character. It takes a lot to be able to say that. We're really lucky to have picked Freddy up when we did.

    That last sentence is crucial though: barring an injury of his own, Garcia will start at least some games for the Yankees this year. Even if its only to give one of the younger pitchers a skip in the rotation, or to start half of a double header

  3. Keena says:

    He'll be starting plenty once Hughes flames out a month into the season. Book it.

  4. Charlie says:

    Yes, I agree with Keena. Look what Hughes did yesterday. 1 1/3 innings, I think there were 4 hits and 2 runs given up by him. I know it is only a spring training game but Hughes did not look good. He had a bad season last year and now he had a bad showing yesterday. Hughes has been with the Yankees for about 6 seasons now. He has had some times where he looked very good but he has more times where he does not look very good. He is inconsistent, gets injured and there is just something about him that tells me he is better off in the bullpen. There he does well except in the playoffs that year, lol. He started with so much potential when he first starred with the Yankees but that potential never really stayed with him.

    Look at Santana with the Mets. He has not pitched for the past 18 months, is coming off of shoulder surgery and pitched 2 innings yesterday with like 1 hit and no runs given up. Santana actually hit 92 mph on his fastball. About the same speed Hughes hit yesterday. He outpitched Hughes and CC Sabathia. You can either pitch or not and Hughes does not look to be a good pitcher. He spent the whole off season getting stronger and in good shape and he still can't pitch well.

    • 2YANKEES7 says:

      I agree with you Charlie. After losing to the Pirates yesterday and looking at the box score, Hughes didn't impress me either. How does he already have the 5th spot in the rotation locked up? Lets hope he will turn things around, because the Yankees will need everybody pitching well in the tough AL East.

      • Mike Sommer says:

        You are reacting to the FIRST SPRING TRAINING APPEARANCE? Gee, I guess we should write CC off then, too. Frankly, I think Hughes will have a nice bounce back year. He hit 93 yesterday, and the problem was location, no surprise for the first time out. BTW, Hughes hasn't turned 26 yet. He's only six months older than Nova. He is still young, and he has a chip on his shoulder about last year, which is a good thing. Cervelli said that the ball was coming out of his hand well. Let's see what happens down the road, and not overreact from one outing.

        Hughes is obviously no Koufax, but just a little history lesson. Going into the 1961 spring training, Koufax was 36-40 and 25 years old. Dodger fans who wanted to give up on him (and there were some) were glad they didn't.

        There is more to spring training than results. Garcia, for instance, is a notoriously poor S.T. pitcher. The 1961 Yankees were 9-20 in spring training.

        Don't overreact. Wait a bit.

      • Charlie says:

        He does NOT have the 5th spot locked up. Giradi said that Hughes has to EARN a spot in the rotation this year. It is between him and Garcia.

        I am also not pleased with what Kuroda did today for the Yankees. He gave up 3 runs in 2 innings to Tampa. Pitching, pitching, my Kingdom for another god pitcher…lol.

  5. Bronx_Knight says:

    This is a nice little development. A year ago when Freddy first came in with the Yankees, he made clear that he did not want to pitch in the pen: he would be a starter or nothing. He got his chance to start and overachieved, but his seemingly negative attitude had me a little worried. This latest comment seems to show that he likes being a Yankee and is willing to do whatever it takes for the team to win. Good stuff.

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