Girardi: decent chance Yankees carry a 2nd lefty

The Yankees signed a bunch of lefty relievers that nobody had ever heard of and brought them to spring training this year just to see if one of them could emerge as a possible bullpen candidate. Well, two have – Cesar Cabral and Clay Rapada have pitched well enough that they have forced a tough decision on manager Joe Girardi.

“That’s one of the real tough decisions, what we are going to do in that situation,” Girardi told George King of the NY Post about considering a second lefty. “There is a decent chance that our minds have changed and we will take a second lefty.”

Making Girardi’s decision even more difficult is the fact that which ever reliever he doesn’t carry on the 25-man roster will likely leave the organization. Rapada has an opt-out clause in his contract if he isn’t on the major league roster to start the season and Cabral is a Rule 5 guy who must be offered back to his original team, in this case the Red Sox, if he is not kept on the Yankees 25-man roster all season long.

Girardi also said that he is three or four days away from naming the Yankees rotation. The expectation is that Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, and Phil Hughes will make the rotation over Freddy Garcia.

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12 Responses to Girardi: decent chance Yankees carry a 2nd lefty

  1. RON says:


  2. He is indeed a 2 time Rule 5 guy. I wasn't aware that there are a different set of rules for them. I can look into it, but I don't think there are.

    • RON says:

      TAKEN FROM RIVER AVE BLUES..KNEW I READ IT SOMEWHERE.'Cabral is in a slightly different situation. He was a Rule 5 Draft selection last year, so if the Yankees don’t keep him on their active roster but he clears waivers, they don’t have to offer him back to Boston. He can elect free agency if that happens though. Cabral was in the Rays organization at this time last year, though he did not crack their top 30 list in the Prospect Handbook. He owns a low-90′s fastball with a changeup that’s better than his breaking ball, so that doesn’t exactly make him a traditional lefty specialist candidate."

      • Two things about that though. (1) He won't clear waivers. (2) Jack Curry said that Cashman plans on trading Cabral if the Yankees don't carry him on the roster since enough teams have called about him. So he's not going back to the Red Sox almost no matter what.

  3. Fred says:

    Well if he's going back to the Sox, I think that should solve this dilemma. We've already given them enough successful bullpen members

  4. Mike Sommer says:

    According to the NY Post, Hughes and Garcia are unofficially in the rotation, with the #5 battle between Nova and Pineda. Then of course, there is Andy waiting in the wings. So if Girardi goes by a) experience and b) who has options (Hughes/Nova/Pineda), come May 1st or thereabouts the rotation would be CC, Kuroda, Hughes, Pettitte and Garcia. What then the Yanks do with Nova and Pineda remains to be seen. Nova to spot starter/long man? Pineda to AAA to see if that velocity comes up? Of course, there then would be the trickle down effect on AAA. You wouldn't have six-man rotation there, so do you then send one of those five (Betances, Banuelos, Warren, Phelps, Mitchell) down to AA? There will be some VERY interesting decisions made soon.

    • I wouldn't read too much into that NY Post report. Did you see the quote King is basing that declaration off? It is certainly not a clear sign that he is in to me. The Daily News is also reporting that Garcia is the odd man out. So I don't think we should start counting him in yet.

    • Matt_DC says:

      I read that in the Post as well. With the possibility of injuries you can never have too many pictures, but with Pettitte on the horizon the Yankees may be forced to play head games with young pitchers. Nova didn't deserve to lose his spot last year, and here we are again with it looking more and more he will be in the bullpen or with Scrant- um . . the wandering Yankees AAA gypsies.

      Mike brings up the great point of what then do you do with the five slotted to start in AAA. Maybe send Pineda down and have Warren or Phelps try their hand as a long man?

  5. cmclark says:

    I guess someone could help me here, why is Pineda having to fight for a roster spot? I am blown away by the guy's stuff and how he pitched last year, I don't think he is in any position to have to go to AAA. But that's me.

    • I think a lot of it is built up by the media. There is one specific outlet that has been beating that drum especially hard. I think the Yankees don't want to let him get comfortable though, especially after showing up 20 pounds overweight.

  6. gordybravo says:

    You can't pick Garcia over Nova or Pineda. Along with Hughes these three are our future. Pineda and Nova will be going against the 4th and 5th starters of the other teams, and they'll win most of those. The problem will be when Pettitte is ready to start, that will be a bigger problem. That's of course is if all three pitch well, if not then there's no problem at all.

  7. enoch says:

    in my opinion,why give him the pen?he wil be suited in the numberfive spot, and could let hughes go to the pen ,,,he was there already,isn,t it?so the thinking of this orgambling for that again in my opinion is simple,.bud again they keep on signing in people to this and that and as a fan i feel some cainth of great tough,,,,lets go yanks, this is uor year,,,,,,lol

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