Quote: Yankees have plenty of options with the pitching staff

The rumor on Thursday was that the Yankees were leaning toward carrying a second lefty on the roster. However, manager Joe Girardi can envision a number of different scenarios regarding the Yankees pitching staff.

“When you start looking at (David Phelps) and (Adam Warren) and (D.J. Mitchell), they can all be candidates,” Girardi told Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News. “It could be in addition to (a second lefty), it could be in place, either one. There’s no guarantee that the sixth starter goes to the bullpen.”

It seems as if the Yankees decision is going to go down to the wire. They have options though. They could trade somebody like Freddy Garcia which would allow them to carry both a second lefty and a long-man like Phelps, Warren, or Mitchell. They could keep Garcia and send Ivan Nova or Michael Pineda down to the minors and use Phelps/Warren/Mitchell in the pen as the long-man.

They could even just use Garcia in the bullpen and go with Nova and Pineda like everyone originally expected. The point is the Yankees have a lot of options and they haven’t made up their minds yet.


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3 Responses to Quote: Yankees have plenty of options with the pitching staff

  1. Fred says:

    I still think the best option is Garcia in the bullpen for the time being. Although he probably won't be too happy about that. But Pineda is too talented for AAA, and I think Nova has done more than enough to prove he needs to be in the majors.

    God knows what happens when Pettitte is back though. Incredible from the last season to this how we went from scraping up pitchers from the bottom of the barrel to having too many. I'll take this problem though

  2. NYYinATL says:

    I partially agree with Fred. I think Nova has proved himself enough and so has Pineda….who despite the loss of premium velocity, HAS had a good spring.

    Where is disagree is with the 5th starter….I think it should be Freddy with Hughes in the pen. Phil has proven that he pitches with more confidence and better velocity out of the pen….and aside from one good half as a starter, he hasn't proven he can handle the job without getting injured. Freddy is a tough vet who battled last year and put up very good numbers. He also has no experience as a RP.

    If Hughes pitches in the pen like he has in the past, it's a 5 inning sprint for the Yankees every game. Hughes, Soriano, Robby and Mo in the pen? Wow.

    Despite my opinion…it seems the Yankees want to give Hughes a shot in the rotation.

  3. I do think Hughes has earned a rotation spot, where he will be placed in the rotation is up for debate, but it seems like he worked hard and is making the most of this spring.

    Pineda and Nova should also get a shot in the rotation until they prove otherwise.

    Garcia has my vote to go to the bullpen, but i feel like with the emergence of the AAA guys does make him somewhat expendable (not to mention the AAA guys are going to play their asses off to get to NYY to avoid the traveling road show down there this year)

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