Hal argues semantics as Yankees get stingy

Hal Steinbrenner came out and confirmed the rumor yesterday that the Yankees were aiming to get the team’s payroll under $189 million by 2014 when the luxury tax penalties increase.┬áToday he took to ESPN New York’s Michael Kay show to tell everyone that the Yankees are not “slashing” payroll.

“I read a couple of the articles,” Steinbrenner said with Michael Kay and Don La Greca on ESPN New York 1050 Friday. “I got a kick out of one of them that said we were ‘slashing’ payroll. $210M to $189M is about 10 percent, I wouldn’t call that slashing. The commitment to the fans is always going to be the same. We are always going to field a championship caliber team, every single year, God willing. We will be in the hunt and we will be striving to win another championship. That is not going to change.”

I agree with his sentiment that the Yankees don’t need a $230 million payroll to win, I even support the idea. However, don’t go around arguing semantics. The Yankees are slashing payroll and 10 percent is very significant when considering it has been about the same since 2005 and ticket prices have gone through the roof since that time.

We’re paying more in ticket prices, in parking, in┬ámerchandising, and in beer and food at the stadium. The Yankees have not increased payroll in seven years and now are looking to get back to 2004 levels. Call it whatever you want, but don’t go around saying the Yankees are not slashing payroll when our dollar has become increasingly thin when we make the trip to the stadium.

The Yankees will still have the largest payroll in baseball at $189 million. That should be more than enough to put out a consistent winner year in and year out. But please, don’t go around arguing semantics it’s insulting to our intelligence.

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