Joba a week away from throwing sliders and curveballs

One of the major hurdles in coming back from Tommy John Surgery is throwing off a full mound. Joba Chamberlain recently handled that and now he is nearly ready to jump the next and last major hurdle – throwing breaking balls.

“I am going to throw Tuesday and Friday this coming week and the week after that I can start spinning stuff,” Joba told George King of the NY Post. “I will start the slider first and then throw the curveball.”

As long as there are no setbacks and Joba makes it through without any problems they can probably begin to look at a timetable for his return. He had the surgery last June so the earliest he would likely comeback is mid-May. Joba himself has always been extremely optimistic about his return time, but GM Brian Cashman has mentioned that the Yankees may need to force him to take things slowly.

So far it has been nothing but good news concerning Joba and his return from TJS. Hopefully that continues as he prepares to start throwing breaking stuff.

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