Joba Chamberlain released from the hospital Sunday

Joba Chamberlain was released from the hospital on Sunday after being treated from an open dislocation of his right ankle following a trampoline accident on Friday.

“Things are going as good as could be expected, as I understand it,” Brian Cashman told Chad Jennings of the Journal News. “… He’s a healer. He gets hurt, but his healing process is really significant. I’m counting on that in this case too. That’s why my heart and my gut tells me he’s going to be OK, and I hope I’m right on that. I can count on the history of, he’s had a lot of stuff take place and he resolves it.”

“There’s a limit of what we can give in terms of absolutes, and there’s a spectrum of risk to optimism,” Cashman said. “We’re not in a position to give absolutes that this is going to be a definite one way or the other.”

There is still risk of an infection, but they wouldn’t have released him from the hospital so soon if it was significant. He’ll be in a cast for six weeks and he’ll switch to a weight-bearing boot.

Joba said doctors told him he could potentially be back on a mound by July. Hopefully that means he’ll be back in the Bronx by September and his entire 2012 season isn’t finished.

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